The emergence of a large-scale luxury real estate project in Ho Chi Minh City is giving Vietnamese customers the opportunity to experience unique facilities and unmatched service.

Considered the pinnacle of luxury real estate, the luxury real estate segment is where you'll often find high-end amenities and excellent service that's no different from a five-star hotel. We have heard stories about unique projects in the world with elevators for supercars, or thoughtful services like having a personal butler ready to serve. Now, right in Vietnam, there is a branded real estate project with a service level – utilities comparable to international standards.

The legend of luxury serviced apartments for kings has been present in Vietnam...


When famous fashion brands such as Armani, Bvlgari, Hermès and Versace enter the luxury real estate market, they will be in charge of designing and furnishing an apartment or villa with unique furniture. each brand. Thereby, they provide residents with an exclusive feel and highly personalized lifestyle experience.

In Dubai, in the world's tall building Burj Khalifa, 114 rooms occupying 11 floors, each apartment bearing the Giorgio Armani brand is furnished with luxurious Armani furniture and appliances.

The legend of luxury serviced apartments for kings has been present in Vietnam...

Cinema right in the project Armani Casa, Dubai with furniture from the same brand.

Residents have full access to the facilities and services of Armani Hotel Dubai, which features 6 restaurants, an Armani nightclub and a Spa. According to Lux Habitat, a real estate agent in the UAE, prices for luxury apartments here range from just under £1 million for a one-bedroom to £40 million for a two-bedroom.

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The legend of luxury serviced apartments for kings has been present in Vietnam...

similarly, Porsche Design Tower, Dezer Bentley Tower in Miami and Hamilton Scott's Residences Singapore are unique projects with super-elevators designed to bring cars to the owner's apartment and a luxury garage. right in the living room. It acts as a glass cabinet displaying the owner's precious cars. Not only that, the building also provides periodic maintenance services, car washes and tire changes for customers' supercar collection. This can be said to be a dream project for car enthusiasts.

Porsche Design Tower allows residents to bring their supercar directly to the middle of the apartment living room by elevator.

In addition to the attraction of famous brands, many luxury real estate projects also “seduce” customers with the attractiveness of meals prepared by famous Michelin chefs. For example, customers at Crown Sydney can enjoy dishes by Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa at his restaurant located within the project, or residents of Mayfair Park Residences in London can enjoy dining privileges at the restaurant. by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.


For Vietnamese customers, they may have heard stories about the world's luxury real estate projects for a long time, but it is also difficult to imagine such an incredibly lavish lifestyle when the concept Branded apartments are still too new to the Vietnamese market.

Recently, the appearance of the Grand Marina, Saigon project – the first luxury real estate project under the Marriott International brand in Vietnam and the Grand Marina Gallery model house – has partly helped customers better visualize the way they live. live “branded”. Marriott International – a leading corporation in the resort industry, owning luxury brands such as Marriott, JW Marriott, Ritz Carlton – has been working closely with Masterise Homes developer in each project process. to provide customers with a Marriott-standard living experience.

Source : https://masterisesaigon.com/marriott-international-and-ritz-carlton/

Grand Marina Saigon - the first project marking the cooperation between Masterise Homes and Marriott International is located at the "golden" location of District 1.

Close-up of the dreamlike model apartment in Park Kiara

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Marriott will also directly manage and operate the project, providing customers with exclusive amenities and services, similar to the brand's flagship real estate projects in Dubai, Singapore or New York. There will be a basic service package, which includes services such as concierge, security, and a package of services on request such as housekeeping, pet care, shopping help and more. A customer shared on Marriott's branded real estate website: “There are many services to serve customers. I can do those things myself, but that way I won't have time to spend on the things that I really want to spend time with like work, family and relaxation. So I like the convenience these services bring, they make my life easier.”

Theater room – a utility commonly found in luxury real estate projects is also available at Grand Marina

The legend of luxury serviced apartments for kings has been present in Vietnam...

Boardroom – where Grand Marina residents and partners can have formal meetings right in the project

The legend of luxury serviced apartments for kings has been present in Vietnam...


The convenience of utility services at a luxury real estate project like Grand Marina during the pandemic period is even more appreciated, because they fully meet the needs of living, dining, working, entertaining and living. exercise the health of residents during the time they limit going out. The manager of a luxury real estate project of Marriott in Malaysia told the story of a resident couple who moved into the project right at the time of movement restriction due to the epidemic: “We know that they are As food enthusiasts, we have arranged to bring typical Malaysian dishes to their apartments so they can enjoy local food without having to go far.”

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The concept of living to today no longer stops at spaces designed and finished with expensive materials. Luxe Hub Consultancy describes the highlights of the luxury concept as “the seamlessness, convenience, speed and quality of personalized service”. In that evolution of the concept of “luxury living”, the luxury real estate project Grand Marina is pioneering in bringing international living standards to Vietnamese customers.

Source : https://masterisesaigon.com/

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The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

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