The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

Families living together across multiple generations, the concept of the 'three generations under one roof,' is no longer unfamiliar to the Vietnamese people. Emphasizing filial piety and mutual support, the multi-generational family model is often likened to a miniature society, but it also brings along numerous issues related to living space.

The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

Living space - the catalyst for the issue of generational gaps

Both busy working at a large hospital in Thu Duc City, Mr. Nghia and Mrs. Nga (31 years old) shared their thoughts: "Living together and relying on the support of our grandparents for daily cooking and childcare have helped us as a couple manage our lives. However, the two generations can't avoid occasional conflicts, especially when it comes to differences in tastes. Living in an alley, our grandparents also feel confined because of the lack of fresh air and space, unlike their life in the countryside."

Mrs. Nga mentioned that moving out to live separately is not the optimal solution either, as their elderly grandparents also need the care and attention of their children and grandchildren.

Many of Mrs. Nga's friends have found a solution of "harmonious coexistence" by buying one apartment for their grandparents and another for themselves and their young children, either adjacent or in the same building. At the same time, they choose living spaces with greenery and amenities for their children. This helps these families avoid conflicts between generations while ensuring closeness and connection with each other.

The consumer psychology report from in 2022 also supports this trend. 61% of those surveyed want to live close to green spaces and gardens, while 45% prefer moving to the suburbs and less crowded areas. The top factors that homebuyers are looking for include having playgrounds or learning areas for children, proximity to greenery, and access to public transportation

Lumiere Boulevard fronts the 3rd Ring Road

Lumiere Boulevard: Fulfilling the living space for multi-generational families

In order to anticipate market demands, many real estate developers have heavily invested in amenity systems to cater to every generation. An exemplary case of this is Lumiere Boulevard, with its diverse range of amenities designed to meet residents' needs.

Right from the start, Lumiere Boulevard towers made an impression with their 2-bedroom apartments and a moderately sized space of around 60 square meters, suitable for young couples with small children or two generations living adjacent to each other. The project boasts a range of upscale amenities across the towers, comprising a total of 22 amenities catering to the needs of residents of all ages.

Hoàn thành lắp kính 100% - Cập nhật tiến độ dự án Lumiere Boulevard tháng 8_2023
100% of the glass installation has been completed in the 5 Lumiere Boulevard towers, and the project is scheduled to be ready for occupancy by the end of 2023

Lumiere Boulevard boasts rare and captivating views that elevate the living experience for every family member without the need to go far. The towers offer various types of apartments, catering to diverse customer needs: lake view for tranquility, park view for relaxation, and city view for the vibrant urban experience.

Experiencing the breathtaking cityscape view, as if the whole family is on a luxury hotel vacation, will be a daily privilege at Lumiere Boulevard.

With the second layer of amenities, homeowners can enjoy the entire array of amenities and diverse spaces within Grand Park District 9. A range of supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and fashion outlets within the urban area can cater to the needs of dynamic young parents. Parents can also save a considerable amount of time on commuting when enrolling their children in the international multi-level education system.

Lumiere Boulevard

Grandparents, parents, and children have the opportunity to bond through collective activities at Lumiere Boulevard's sports park, which features dozens of diverse sports fields

Furthermore, Grand Park Masterise Homes also boasts a large park spanning thousands of hectares, along with several mini-parks scattered throughout the urban area, offering seniors moments of leisurely strolls or light exercise. Additionally, the expansive cooling lake and abundant green spaces create a healthy and wholesome living environment for residents.

Khu compound Masterise Homes chất lượng cao cấp nhất Grand Park hút hàng trăm khách hàng...

In the third layer of amenities, Lumiere Boulevard gains favor through its connectivity to important neighboring areas. The project is situated right in the heart of Grand Park, adjacent to key transportation arteries such as the Ring Road 3 and Nguyen Xien Road. This allows families to quickly commute to the city center of Ho Chi Minh City or other provinces in the Southeastern region.

With its diverse range of views and three layers of valuable amenities, the apartments in Lumiere Boulevard towers promise to provide a harmonious and cohesive living space, making it the 'perfect fit' choice for multi-generational families.

Nha mau Lumiere Boulevard

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