Discover Vietnam's leading green architecture resort complex

LUMIÈRE Boulevard - the project with the leading 3D green architecture in Vietnam - is attracting the attention of the market because of its 65m Olympic-sized spaceship swimming pool, creating a rare resort utility complex.

Outstanding health care utility chain

LUMIÈRE Boulevard (Vinhomes Grand Park, Thu Duc City) owns the first Olympic-sized spaceship swimming pool in Vietnam. This is considered a true entertainment and relaxation utility complex, where residents can fully enjoy the resort lifestyle at home without having to go far.

Internal utilities of Lumiere Boulevard 6

Interior of LUMIÈRE Boulevard with a world-class resort complex

For families with small children, swimming is considered an ideal sport to help the body develop comprehensively, especially in terms of height. This is also the reason many families are willing to spend a lot to choose luxury projects with 5-star standard swimming pools.

With a length of 65m, the spaceship swimming pool is located in the center of the project area, where residents can freely swim in the cool blue water to dispel fatigue, relieve stress and improve health every day.

In addition, the spaceship swimming pool also integrates a modern hydromassage Jacuzzi pool. Hydrotherapy massage therapy both helps relax the body and take care of the spirit so that every day residents are recharged with energy to regenerate life every day. So, goodbye spa or beach resort, with this exclusive utility, every day residents can relax, enjoy the ultimate resort experience right at home.

Located in the Lumiere Boulevard area 5

Spaceship swimming pool and classy underwater lounge at LUMIÈRE Boulevard

In the spaceship swimming pool complex, the luxurious Suken lounge is the highlight. This is a space to chat, enjoy happy moments with friends and relatives.

Real estate developer Masterise Homes is very sophisticated when it offers many play areas for young children with 1-0-2 facilities such as: lazy river with paper boat racing area or fountain and rain shower, etc. This unique activity will help the young residents of LUMIÈRE Boulevard preserve priceless childhood memories.

Modern water treatment technology protects the health of residents

As the quality of life is improved, residents are also more concerned about the safety of daily amenities and services. Therefore, the investor has used today's best salt electrolysis technology into the pool at LUMIÈRE Boulevard. This is the world's most advanced swimming pool water treatment technology, both for maximum disinfection and without odor in the water source.

Internal utilities of Lumiere Boulevard 3

LUMIÈRE Boulevard spaceship swimming pool is applied with modern water treatment technology

Superior technology keeps the pool water pure and cool, and does not cause skin irritation like chlorine pools.

Some recent surveys show that, in Vietnam, the number of large swimming pools possessing salt electrolysis technology is very small. Most of them are in luxury hotels and resorts. The complex technical system and expensive operating costs make it very rare for a strong family project to be equipped with this leading technology.

Therefore, the investor's strong hand in introducing salt electrolysis technology into LUMIÈRE Boulevard's spaceship swimming pool turns this place into a standard resort-class living space for future residents.

On June 6, 2022, Vinhomes Joint Stock Company and Masterise Homes Company officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the business of the LUMIÈRE Boulevard project. Accordingly, Masterise Homes will focus its resources on the construction and quality management of the project, with Vinhomes playing an exclusive business role.

Internal utilities of Lumiere Boulevard 4

Customers buying LUMIÈRE Boulevard apartments enjoy attractive financial policies, specifically:

– Support 80% interest up to 24 months

– Loan repayment grace period up to 48 months

– Free 3 years management fee

Project website: Lumiere Boulevard Masterise


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