Grand Marina owns the outstanding value of Real Estate at the commercial center of Ho Chi Minh City

Possessing a special location, right in the central core area of District 1, Grand Marina is considered a symbol of the new era of Saigon, attracting much attention from domestic and foreign connoisseurs of investors.

Central area real estate has long been in the portfolio of many investors and customers around the world. The appeal of these real estate products is evidenced by the ranking of the most expensive housing cities on the planet, published by Savills in March.

Location Grand Marina Saigon

Real estate value from the "center of the center" location

Accordingly, leading the ranking are big cities that play the role of economic and financial centers such as Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Geneva, Shanghai, London, Sydney... These names are not surprising. by its central location as a guarantee for sustainable price growth potential.

Reflect on New York – the center of fashion, art, finance, technology and the world's sleepless city. Real estate website Curbed in 2020 announced a list of the 25 most expensive apartments in New York, USA, of which the lowest price has reached 46.5 million USD.

The common point of the above "tens of millions of dollars" apartments is that they are located in key buildings of Manhattan, New York, with wide views to the city's landmarks, including Central Park and the Hudson River. From these skyscrapers, residents can easily access utilities, cultural symbols and prosperity of the place known as "the city that never sleeps".

Hong Kong's status as a leading international financial center has also pushed Hong Kong's housing market to become the second most expensive in the world, with an average price of $47,257 per square meter. From March 2021 to 1.2222, real estate businesses in Shanghai offered nearly 82,000 new apartments for sale, a three-year record high. However, supply is still not enough demand.

According to Business Insider,

The exclusive advantage of location is also the reason why the value of this special type of real estate always grows over time. Prime locations with beautiful views, surrounded by a variety of existing utilities… are becoming increasingly scarce, and lavish apartments in the most beautiful locations in the area are likened to diamonds, the older they get. brighter and more expensive.

And when it comes to Vietnam, no one does not mention Ho Chi Minh City. As the largest economic and financial center in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is positioned until 2045 to become the economic and financial center of Asia, sustainable development and an attractive global destination. This makes high-end real estate in the center of District 1 even more valuable.

According to some investors in HCMC, the land fund in District 1 has been completely scarce. If customers or investors earnestly want to buy central land in District 1, they will have to accept a rather high price, 1.5 billion or even 3 billion dong/m2. However, finding the source is not easy.

GOLDEN SIDE: Attraction from the unique location of Grand Marina, Saigon District 1

Grand Marina is located in a prime location in the heart of District 1

Located at the core of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, right at the front of Nguyen Huu Canh - Ton Duc Thang Street, Grand Marina is a high-class real estate project integrating a 5-star hotel by Masterise Corporation development. Since its launch, Grand Marina has made a strong impression by its rare prime location, high-class living value, affirming the golden position of the central real estate.



Privileged marks

Grand Marina is inspired by the modern, dynamic rhythm of life from the cooperation with the global brand – Marriott International. From drawings to the first bricks, the project was built with an aesthetic vision and the goal of repositioning high-class living standards at the central core of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

This high-class apartment-hotel complex is also expected to go hand in hand with Bitexco, Vietcombank, 5-6 star hotel buildings... to become one of the iconic works of the times. harmoniously in the "Saigon" culture, surrounded by heritage buildings such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market, City Theater, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street... More specifically, the "money" values can't buy" from the elite community at Grand Marina.


As a real estate product in the luxury segment (brand name), Grand Marina also impresses the market with exclusive utilities that bring an expensive living experience. The highlight is the 5- to 6-star standard hotel from the international brand Marriott International…

The international quality of life at the project is also confirmed through a system of high-class facilities such as a multi-layer security system, designated parking, an internal riverside park of thousands of square meters, an infinity pool area, gym system, spa…

GOLDEN SIDE: Attraction from the unique location of Grand Marina, Saigon District 1

High-class facilities at Grand Marina

Recently, Ha Anh Tuan confirmed the above information. The male singer also expressed his surprise that the story of his first apartment purchase received such attention.

“Decision to buy apartment Grand Marina this time comes from a simple thought: if there is a way to make yourself happier, live more comfortably, why not do it? For me, this is not only an asset but also marks a milestone, a self-rewarding gift instead of recognition for my efforts over the years," the male singer shared.

Ha Anh Tuan bought 'branded penthouse' Marriott at Grand Marina project, Saigon District 1


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