Grand Marina, Saigon is clearly visible from Bangkok's perspective, the potential of luxury apartments

“With projects like Grand Marina and Saigon, the city will soon become the focal point of Asia,” a customer proudly shared after visiting the chain of luxury riverside real estate projects in Bangkok.

The potential of-Grand-Marina_-Saigon-shows-clear-from-Bangkok-perspective-

With the goal of realizing the riverside "branded" living experience at Grand Marina, Saigon in the future, the project has brought customers to visit and experience famous riverside real estate projects in Bangkok. . This is the leading luxury real estate market in Asia, with many projects along the banks of the Chao Phraya River, reminiscent of the Saigon Riverfront Square of Grand Marina, Saigon.

Borrowing the banks of the Bangkok River to "draw" the banks of the Saigon River

The trip to Bangkok cleverly arranged activities around the riverside branded real estate projects of the capital of the land of golden pagodas, so that customers can have a true experience of the riverside "branded" life. On the first day, customers were greeted with a cocktail party in the sunset at Four Seasons Bangkok with stunning riverside views. The next day, customers are free to shop with a stylist at IconSiam to feel the comfort and excitement of a luxury real estate complex combined with a shopping mall. Then, the cruise takes customers down the Chao Phraya River to feel the charm of the waterfront location with its branded real estate projects and how these projects elevate the riverside urban landscape. Those are also the values ​​​​that Grand Marina, Saigon bring to the life of customers in the future and the urban landscape of the city. HCM.

After "marketing" a series of luxury real estate projects during the trip, Ms. Nhi (HCMC) proudly shared: "I believe that the future of the Saigon River will be even more beautiful. Our city is very beautiful and has great potential to become a famous center in Asia when there are high-class and luxurious projects such as Grand Marina, Saigon."

The potential of-Grand-Marina_-Saigon-shows-clear-from-Bangkok-perspective-

Ms. Dang Thuc Nhi (HCMC) and her mother expressed their expectations for the future of Grand Marina, Saigon and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Located in an attractive location in the heart of District 1, Grand Marina, Saigon was developed to become the new riverside square of Saigon. With iconic architecture and a large landscaped area that preserves many cultural and historical values in design inspiration, the project not only awakens the potential of the city's waterfront area but also promises to become a become an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists.

The potential of Grand Marina, Saigon is clearly visible from the perspective of Bangkok - Photo 2.

The design of the square of Grand Marina, Saigon is steeped in cultural and historical values (perspective photo).

Grand Marina, Saigon also brings a modern touch to the urban landscape with the first marina in the city center and the office tower combined with a high-class shopping center - The Sun Tower. All create a busy 25.29-hectare master plan, which in the future will be comparable to the leading luxury real estate complexes in Bangkok.

Utilities Grand Marina Saigon 2

The need for luxury lifestyle becomes clear

Mr. Phu (Hanoi), one of the first owners at Grand Marina, Saigon, appreciates the advantages of the project: “First is the rare beautiful location, where the ancients used to say is on the lower wharf. boat, extremely good in terms of feng shui. After seeing the model house, design and project scale, my impression is that this project meets all the needs of a modern resident. In addition, the landscape of the project is extremely well designed.”

The potential of-Grand-Marina_-Saigon-shows-clear-from-Bangkok-perspective-

Mr. Le Hai Phu (Hanoi) highly appreciates the potential of Grand Marina, Saigon.

After experiencing it personally, Mr. Phu believes that the demand for luxury lifestyles in Vietnam is very large, "based on the general tastes and development trends of Vietnam, the demand will increase very quickly, because This is a very legitimate need, especially for young people.”

Knight Frank's latest Wealth Report 2022 (Wealth Report) forecasts that the number of people with assets over 30 million USD (about 680 billion VND) in Vietnam will exceed 1,500 by 2026. At the same time, it is estimated that the population is super rich. Vietnam will grow by 26% in the period 2021 - 2026, equal to the growth rates of Hong Kong and Taiwan, opening up many new opportunities for Vietnam's luxury real estate segment in general and Grand Marina, Saigon in particular.

According to the Highlights of Branded Real Estate in Urban Vietnam, CBRE forecasts that, in the future, the rapid growth of the rich group in Vietnam and the need to improve the quality of life will contribute to the activation. branded products in the city.


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