Branded real estate is loved by customers in the North

The series of activities "Northern progress" of the branded real estate project along the Saigon River ended with the success of the sale event in Hanoi.

Grand Marina, Saigon - Branded real estate is loved by customers in the North

Real estate brand Grand Marina, Saigon is loved by customers in the North

Launched in January 2021, Grand Marina, Saigon has made a big splash in the real estate market over the past year. Not only successfully establishing the luxury real estate segment in Vietnam, the project also affirms Vietnam's position on the world's leading real estate map. Despite the developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, Grand Marina, Saigon had a successful sale in Hong Kong, two exciting sales in Ho Chi Minh City and most recently a sale event in the capital. Hanoi, attracting many customers in the North and having successful transactions.

Mr. Gibran Bukhari, Sales Manager, Masterise Homes shared: “After a series of events to introduce the project in the northern cities, the Grand Marina, Saigon project has attracted the attention of many customers. . Part of Northern buyers are interested in this branded real estate project as an investment product because the project owns an attractive location right in the center of District 1 and along the Saigon River. The other part buys Grand Marina Saigon branded apartments as a lifestyle product, affirming their status and success as well as a sophisticated lifestyle. That lifestyle value lies in the luxuriously designed space in the typical language of the high-end brand, in the services and facilities that are professionally operated according to Marriott's global standards. Those are the values ​​that make the difference between a luxury real estate project and an ordinary project.”

Grand Marina, Saigon - Branded real estate is loved by customers in the North

Mr. Gibran Bukhari said that the Grand Marina, Saigon branded apartment is both an investment product and a lifestyle product for buyers in the North.

Grand Marina, Saigon is located in a beautiful location between the center of District 1 and the banks of the Saigon River, inheriting many historical values and landscapes. The project includes 8 branded apartment towers, located in a luxury real estate complex with 55-storey The Sun Tower with high-class office and commercial area, expected to attract a large number of customers. multinational enterprises, foreign experts and successful entrepreneurs.

The project owns a sweeping view of the Saigon River, the city center and the large green area of the Zoo and Botanical Garden. From Grand Marina, Saigon, residents can move to the cultural and commercial centers of Ho Chi Minh City in just a few minutes by many connection methods - road, Metro line with Ba Son station right at the foot of the project. and waterways with the only marina in District 1.

Grand Marina, Saigon - Branded real estate is loved by customers in the North

The interiors of the luxury apartment towers are designed in the luxurious language of the luxury hotel brand

Grand Marina, Saigon not only marks the first luxury real estate project of Marriott International in Vietnam but also the largest project in the world in this group's portfolio with more than 4000 luxury apartments. With the experience and expertise of the world's leading resort group and also the world leader in the scale of the luxury real estate portfolio, Marriott has been closely involved in the development of the Grand Marina project. , Saigon.

From the floor plan of public spaces and luxury apartments to the finished color palettes, materials and equipment, all must follow the distinctive design language of the Marriott and JW Mariott brands. . The main project management and operation team is the group's professional staff, with a minimum of 150 hours of training per year, with excellent levels of customer service and lifestyle insight. They are the people who "tailor-made" services according to the needs and preferences of each resident with the same understanding and devotion as the "butlers" of the 21st century.

In addition, there is an unprecedented system of high-class facilities such as a privileged cinema, boardroom, library, lounge, gym with modern equipment, ... operated according to resort standards. The harmony of Marriott standard space, Marriott standard services and facilities operated by a professional team are the factors that make up the exclusive Marriott lifestyle at Grand Marina, Saigon.

The project is expected to start completion and handover from Q1/2023, becoming the city's new square - a large-scale complex with high-class residential, office, and commercial functions.

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