Grand Marina: Real estate integrated with marina - the standard of 'identifying' the elite

The Vietnamese super-rich can now raise the bar for yachting, enjoy life in an elite community, and interact with elite individuals with similar interests right here in Vietnam.


Luxury yacht capitals in the world

The world has long appeared marinas, yacht clubs - where the super-rich gather to exchange, experience and form an upper-class community with "rare and hard to find" privileges.

San Francisco Yacht Club is located in the peaceful Belvedere Cove (USA), has the oldest history in Asia - Pacific and is considered as an "identity card" affirming the class of many billionaires in the world. gender. Not only unique in its location, this club is also invested heavily in facilities, design and interior materials.

Each member can go out to sea to catch the sunset or anchor at their favorite island on a luxury yacht, enjoy the sea breeze and enjoy dinner among the stars. In particular, the San Francisco Yacht Club also built Cove House including indoor and outdoor spaces. Here, members can organize events, festivals, private parties and many other activities.

Grand Marina: Real estate integrated with marina - the standard of 'identifying' the elite

Miami Marina in the US is the convergence of the super rich

In addition, the world-famous bustling marinas such as Miami (USA) have become destinations for the super-rich and have taste, as well as a tool to show their status and status. This exclusivity, luxury of the marina is one of the factors driving Miami's incredible growth.

According to the Miami Association of Realtors and Multi-Registration Services, Miami-Dade County real estate sets a new record for home sales as condo transactions increase for the 16th consecutive month (as February). Despite the impact of the epidemic, home sales in this district increased 19.6% in January, from 2,211 to 2,645. Apartment sales increased 31.7% higher, from 1,243 to 1,637 transactions.

The hobby of yachting identifies the super-rich in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the super-rich increases rapidly, leading to the demand for worthy spaces and utilities. Knight Frank's Wealth Report shows that the number of super-rich people (with a net worth of 30 million USD or more) in Vietnam will increase by about 26% from now to 2026. This number follows a trend. direction of property ownership integrated with marina, contributing to show the class of homeowners.


Grand Marina Saigon – Superyacht AZIMUT GRANDE 25M becomes a worldwide limited edition super yacht of Masterise Group

While the demand is gradually forming and increasing rapidly, the real estate market integrated with yachts is quite scarce in supply. Because in addition to the large project area and the location facing the river / sea, the developer must have enough potential to design and operate according to international standards, optimally exploiting the value of this type. For that reason, many large real estate developers are willing to invest in building large-scale urban projects integrating marinas.

One of the key projects that has attracted the attention of the elite in recent times is Grand Marina Saigon (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City), specifically a luxury apartment at No. 2 Ton Duc Thang, Ba Son port. This luxury apartment complex, Masterise Homes hopes to contribute to creating a yachting lifestyle, forming an upmarket community comparable to the world's most luxurious harbors.

Perspective of marina at Grand Marina Saigon

grand marina

With a prime location adjacent to the two sides of the river and the sea, the apartments at Grand Marina not only possess a perfect Panorama view, but also inherit the privilege of a class marina. Located on the banks of the Saigon River over 800m wide, the river square combines with a marina on an area of thousands of square meters throughout and connects to the square along the Saigon port of tens of thousands of square meters. As a result, this place is very convenient for homeowners to move and enjoy high-class parties or life with a colorful experience in the tropical Saigon.

Branded goods: Global wealth channel becomes a trend in Vietnam after Grand Marina's launch

With outstanding class and scale, the marina at Grand Marina Saigon is expected to become a new symbol of the economic, cultural and tourism capital of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, affirming its position and pride. for the homeowner. Moreover, when combined with the privileges of world-class internal facilities when combined with the 5-star Marriott International hotel management group, the internal park of more than tens of thousands of square meters ... is gradually being completed, The images of a private, romantic and modern resort paradise will become more real than ever.

After 2 years of complicated Covid-19 epidemic, the real estate market has faced many challenges. However, for 2 years, real estate has always been in the top investment channels chosen by consumers. Many driving factors are considered as driving factors for the strong growth of real estate in the past and in the future.

World-class Marriott apartment complex at Grand Marina

The presence of world-class amenities such as marina at Grand Marina luxury apartments Saigon contributes to attracting a large number of investors and tourists, creating a strong development momentum for the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City .


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