Grand Marina, Bason Saigon open for sale – Branded apartment in Vietnam…

The Grand Marina, Saigon branded apartment project is open for sale in Vietnam with prices comparable to products in the same segment in Bangkok and Singapore.





At the exhibition combined with a limited-scale and exclusive launch on May 15, Masterise Homes – the project developer said that the price of a “brand name” apartment in Grand Marina, Saigon is comparable to the price of The most luxurious projects in the same segment in Bangkok as The Residences at Mandarin Oriental (priced at nearly 15,000 USD per m2) and in Singapore such as St. Regis Singapore Residences with a value of 18,000 USD per square meter.


Grand Marina Saigon Bason - Ông Cao Thắng và Đông Nhi mua1


“The support of Vietnamese customers is the beginning of the ‘bright dawn’ of branded real estate here, where products in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will match the top expensive projects. This is also the basis for us to be confident for the next round of sales in the international market,” said Mr. Gibran Bukhari, Head of Sales at Masterise Homes.


The combined exhibition officially launched Grand Marina in Vietnam, on May 15. Photo: Masterise Homes.


Masterise Homes mạnh tay đầu tư 400 tỷ đồng vào Grand Marina Gallery


Located in the “golden” land on the banks of the Saigon River, District 1, Grand Marina owns the ideal location and connection for apartment products with market leading prices. With a pioneering branded real estate model in Ho Chi Minh City and the world’s leading Marriott International brand, the apartments here have a record selling price when launched in Vietnam.

The project received great attention from buyers and recorded many successful transactions in the domestic sale. The positive response of the Vietnamese market to the second launch of Grand Marina also shows the strong demand of Vietnamese people for the branded apartment product line, especially the need to accumulate assets in the context of volatile market.

The enduring value of the brand is one of the factors that persuaded many customers to “lower money” to buy a “brand name” apartment Grand Marina. A buyer commented that the project has a beautiful location, next to the river, good feng shui and especially in the center of District 1. In addition, the overall master plan of the riverfront area in District 1 is another attraction.

“With Marriott’s services and facilities, I think the apartments at Grand Marina are even more worth living, especially for those who are busy and want to be ready to serve the smallest needs. That’s what the Ordinary projects without a brand are difficult to obtain”, this customer shared.


The Grand Marina project is the first luxury real estate project in Vietnam of the Marriott brand in the central area. Perspective photo: Masterise Homes.


Grand Marina Saigon Bason - phối cảnh đẹp


Since the first information appeared, Grand Marina has attracted the attention and interest of domestic and international markets, from price stories to brands. Many experts have predicted that Marriott’s apartment products will be positively received by Vietnamese customers.

Grand Marina’s sales results show the size of the property and the need to accumulate assets of the upper-class customer group. This is also a clear trend that has occurred in many developed markets and is ahead in the branded real estate segment. The Grand Marina project is the first luxury real estate project in Vietnam of the Marriott brand in the central area.

Previously, the project was successfully opened for sale in the launch event in Hong Kong. Mr. Gibran Bukhari said that the upcoming launch of Grand Marina will be in the international market. Following this project will be other “brand name” apartment projects of Masterise Homes, especially in the golden lands in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


Tiện ích Grand Marina Saigon 3


Contact Grand Marina Bason project: 

Hotline/Zalo : 0911 525 454

Website Grand Marina :


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