The project called Masterise Homes in Ho Chi Minh City creates different values

Luxury real estate is experiencing a positive change from project developers in forming a balanced lifestyle, interwoven with artistic elements for the community - a new standard for value. happiness for people.

LUMIÈRE project in District 2, HCMC

Masterise Homes pursues the goal of elevating the luxury living experience

Since the World Happiness Report was first published, Nordic countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland… have always been at the top of the rankings. The position on this ranking is not accidental, because in the Nordic countries, people have sustainable social welfare policies, high quality education, health care, security, and a stable life. In fact, today's global population does not spend all their time and efforts to increase wealth or status. They seek effective balance in their lives. The results are positive, optimistic and happy.

Understanding international trends, in order to bring a global living experience to the community, luxury real estate aims to create projects associated with raising the happiness index for people. That's why the luxury segment has been doing well lately. According to a report by Realtor, some regions of the world, luxury real estate prices have witnessed growth. Specifically, in the California area, luxury real estate prices increased by 8.4%. In San Luis Obispo rose 32.1% and finally Monterey with more modest growth of 1.6%.

The cooperation with international partners helps Mastersie Homes inherit selective and global experiences, bringing to the Vietnamese market products that comply with "world-class" standards. Partners when choosing Masterise Homes to "shake hands" also increase their prestige and presence when accompanying a reputable investor.

Chosen in association with international partners with expertise and experience, Masterise Homes projects deliver their own distinctive luxury standards. There, the design at each project effectively takes advantage of the location, in line with the market positioning, and is also a unique and unique product that blends the artistic elements in each space. living time.

The LUMière project in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City maximizes the advantages of the location, enhances the aesthetic value in the lifestyle.

“During the project design process, the unique and recognizable element of Masterise Homes came first. At the same time, we are constantly adjusting and developing that identity, to become a leader in real estate design by creating our own style and personality”, said Mr. Youssef Akila – Director Masterise Homes' Design block emphasizes.

Masterise Homes' strategy in project development has been accompanied by Atkins - the world's largest design consultancy with more than 70 years of industry experience. This is considered a global unit with project implementation in more than 150 countries around the world. Notable works of Atkins can be mentioned as Landmark 81 (Vietnam); Burj Al Arab (Dubai); Dubai Opera House (Dubai); Huarong Tower (China)….

In addition, HBA landscape design unit must be mentioned with nearly 50 years of experience in interior design and architecture. The presence of this partner in Masterise Homes projects contributes to bringing new design languages, adding more value to the product, helping to elevate the lifestyle for homebuyers. This is also an important factor contributing to the added value of Masterise Homes products.

Optimizing strengths in the luxury real estate segment

No longer developing projects in a mass "copy" way, the game in the luxury real estate market is now moving towards creating products that focus more on personal experiences. At LUMière Riverside, owner Masterise Homes is consistent with the philosophy of bringing happiness to residents, by developing green areas in modern urban areas, using trees to soften concrete designs. at the same time creating fresh, relaxing air.

LUMIERE Riverside apartment project is located in the "center of the center" position in District 2, behind is the Saigon River and the rich Thanh Da peninsula. District 2, along with District 9 and Thu Duc, is currently a great potential area in Ho Chi Minh City with the plan to establish Thu Duc City and iconic works, where the most modern high-tech centers converge. .

Harmonious combination between nature and man-made, putting sustainable development as the focus, LUMière Riverside opens an ideal place to live, where the owner of each apartment can breathe in all the pristine beauty of the morning and the land. heaven, meeting all needs of living - working - entertaining. Each apartment is also focused by Masterise Homes on the quality of the interior as well as the arrangement of space in a comfortable and sophisticated way to bring a comfortable and relaxing life to each resident.

Masteri Lumiere Riverside District 2.

Mr. Youssef Akila, Design Director, Masterise Homes representative received the design award for Masteri Center Point, Masteri Waterfront and Lumiere Riverside projects.

Project LUMÍERE Riversdie recently won big at Vietnam property awards with three award categories including: Best Condo Architectural Design Award, Best Luxury Condo Interior Design Award and Best Luxury Apartment Award in HCMC (Best Luxury Condo Development (HCMC) – Highly commened)


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