A series of foreign partners participate in the Masteri Center Point project

The Masteri Center Point apartment project is attracting the attention of investors interested in the East Saigon area. Located in the heart of the Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, the project inherits an expensive central position, luxurious facilities and values guaranteed by a series of reputable partners participating in the development journey. The project was dubbed a special "reunion" of the world's leading units.

A series of foreign partners participate in the high-end project District 9

Masteri Center Point District 9 - Masterise Homes

Inheriting the success of Masteri Thao Dien and Masteri An Phu projects, the developer Masterise Homes continues to implement the Masteri Center Point project with every detail of planning, design, construction and development being referenced based on international standards and practices. The goal is to create a world-class living space that contributes to raising the luxury real estate market in Vietnam.

Masteri Center Point - Masterise Homes luxury apartment project in District 9

Masteri Center Point – Masterise Homes luxury apartment project in District 9

Mr. Youssef Akila has more than 20 years of experience working in large-scale international projects and was involved in the design of Trump, Paramount, Versace, Fendi buildings, the world's 7th tallest 120-storey Entisar tower in Dubai, currently the Design Director of Masterise Homes. Mr. Akila shared, Masterise Homes' enthusiasm is to develop the Masteri Center Point project into a world-class living space that brings sustainable values to residents. The project must have all the outstanding elements in terms of design, architecture, landscape, and strictly managed construction quality.

At Masterise Homes, this developer applies processes, standards and construction methods similar to high-end real estate products in major cities around the world. A representative of this company also said that the enterprise is serious and has full potential to bring international "standards" into projects in Vietnam.

In order for Masterise Homes brand products to provide a worthy experience for young families and knowledgeable communities, the project development team values the selection of partners. This cooperation not only stops at "choosing to send gold" to internationally renowned partners but also a harmony in arranging the "big guys" of the design industry to participate in the project to create a project. The impressive Masteri Center Point project.

Tange Associates (Japan) is a famous architectural unit, known as one of the masters of contemporary architecture. With extensive experience and thoughtful design, this unit always upholds the natural style of local architecture and the modernity of the world.

Tange Associates' design this time for Masteri Center Point impresses with unique, delicate lines and glass doors with ceiling height, creating both high aesthetic value and ensuring sustainability. for the project. As a result, all apartments receive full natural light, save energy for lighting, optimize wide views, and create a fresh living space.

Land Sculptor (Thailand) is a famous landscape design consulting company that resonates in international markets such as Singapore and Middle East countries. With this collaboration, Land Sculptor has brought innovative landscape designs to the interior of Masteri Center Point.

The green areas and diverse internal utility systems are uniquely designed towards nature. Residents will fully enjoy the outstanding living space and valuable experiences. This is considered a design for the future in a trendy futuristic style.

Studio HBA (USA) has made a strong impression with world-class luxury design masterpieces such as Hilton, JW Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Shangri-la and Four Seasons. This unit continuously innovates in creating luxurious, comfortable and creative spaces in interior design, the goal of satisfying customers comes from unique experiences.

Coming to the Masteri Center Point project, Studio HBA has breathed in a "new wind" with an international, unique and creative style. Right from the lobby and corridor space in each tower of Masteri Center Point, this unit keeps the space in harmony between modern style and Indochinese architecture. This is considered as an ingenious combination to bring residents a trendy, luxurious and modern life.

Mace (UK) is the world's leading construction consulting firm, chosen by Masterise Homes as a partner with the goal of bringing a high-class living space right in the heart of Vinhomes Grand Park. Mace owns a lot of experience and is famous for typical projects such as Dubai wharf, Marina Bay Sand resort (Singapore), Capital Gate hotel (Abu Dhabi), iconic building The Shard (London).

Drawing on the vision, reputation of the developer as well as Mace's rigorous construction supervision and management experience, the upcoming 10 towers of Masteri Center Point will bring the privilege of private living with lifestyle. The most luxurious international for residents.

Masteri Center Point - Masterise Homes Project District 9

Masteri Center Point – Masterise Homes Project District 9

Masteri Center Point promises to change the face of the city and improve people's quality of life. The project maintains creativity in architectural, interior and landscape design. The cooperation between Masterise Homes and international partners is expected to raise the value of Vietnam's real estate on par with neighboring markets such as Singapore or Thailand.

Recently, Masteri Center Point was honored at the PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2020. In which the project received the award "Best luxury apartment in Ho Chi Minh City" and was honored in the category "Landscape design for the project". luxury apartment project”


The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

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