Diamond Boulevard (Tan An apartment building) is an apartment and commercial complex project with an expensive location in the largest center of Tecco Group, the first in Binh Duong in the high-end segment. Located in front of National Highway 13, Thuan An City, Binh Duong. Diamond Boulevard project is invested by Tecco Southern Corporation as an investor of Tecco Group. Diamond Boulevard Tecco Binh Duong luxury apartments fully inherit high-class utility services including 500m2 infinity swimming pool, outdoor BBQ area, green park, children's play area, restaurant - cafe, Commercial centers and supermarkets operate on July 27 to serve and support residents…

Owning Diamond Boulevard apartment is a resident owning for himself and his family with a high-class living space - comfort - airy - security, absolute safety.

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 Name of project  Diamond Boulevard
 Location / Project address  National Highway 13, Thuan Giao, Thuan An, Binh Duong Province
 Investor  Tecco Southern Corporation Joint Stock Company – Tecco Group
 General Contractor:  Tecco Mien Trung
 Bank:  Expected ACB, VietinBank
 Design unit:  European style – Singapore
 Manage:  CBRE/ Savills/ TECCO QL unit
 Type of apartment:  Complex of apartments, trade and services
 Project Legal:  Commercial apartment, pink book permanently owned
 Floor height:  1 block x 30 floors + 2 basements
 Hand over:  Construction: 2022 – Handover: 2023 (expected)
 Project size
  • Number of Blocks: 02
  • Number of floors: 30 floating floors and 2 basements through the block
  • Total number of products: 1000 apartments + shophouse
  • 1 bedroom:
  • 2 bedroom:
  • 3 bedroom:
  • Base block: trade, service
  • Utilities, outdoor living space
 Hand over Complete home delivery furniture
 Featured add-ons:

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 Restaurant / Shopping mall / Children's play area / Gym room / Internal park / Bowling area / VIP reception room

Hotline: 0911 525 454 ( Thuan Hung Group )


In particular, in the near future, Binh Duong will expand National Highway 13 connecting Binh Duong - Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. The project is currently under consideration by the City Council. It is proposed to spend VND 10,000 billion to expand National Highway 13. The project will upgrade and expand NH13. The intersection of Binh Phuoc - Binh Trieu Bridge with a length of about 5.5 km. At the same time, the Ho Chi Minh - Binh Duong Metro Line, is the extended Metro line No. 1 Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien. Currently, Metro line No. 1 Ben Thanh Suoi Tien is nearing completion. The Ho Chi Minh - Binh Duong Metro Line will be deployed to quickly connect Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City.

Diamond Boulevard - Location


Diamond Boulevard inherits the golden position, when it is on the main road of National Highway 13 in Thuan An, the main trading place of the whole Binh Duong province. Diamond Boulevard Tecco project is located next to the intersection between three fronts of My Phuoc - Tan Van Boulevard, Dien Bien Phu - DX 034, in Thu Dau Mot City.


Facilities of the Diamond Boulevard project are arranged in a modern green style in accordance with the resort living space at gai. Diamond Boulevard is a luxury luxury segment that honors the owner's position in enhancing the multi-utility lifestyle.

The apartments at Diamond Boulevard Binh Duong are a thoughtfully designed work, with a modern design, helping owners feel secure about their health and fully enjoy life's moments, with a design style. The design is bold with the element of energy regeneration when 100% of the apartments have loggias to welcome the wind and natural sunlight, helping the nooks and crannies inside your home to always be full of life.

Diamond Boulevard - Utilities

Diamond Boulevard apartments own a "view" with a very direct view, just need to zoom in to admire the green areas of the internal park.

Tecco Luxury is designed based on neoclassical architecture, aristocratic elegance but no less modern with lots of space to receive light and wind from the bang, all apartments at Diamond Boulevard are not blocked by dead corners. increase the optimal use area of multi-dimensional space on each type of apartment.


City. Thuan An has just become a grade 2 urban center, proving its role as the central city of the province and the locomotive of urban areas in the province, playing a role in promoting the socio-economic development of Binh Duong.

One of the most important "billion-dollar" arterial roads in this region is the Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Dau Mot - Chon Thanh expressway; Ho Chi Minh City - Loc Ninh expressway; Metro new city Binh Duong - Uyen Hung - Tan Thanh; Metro Di An - Tan Uyen; extending Metro Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien to Di An City...

Diamond Boulevard

In the transport infrastructure projects connecting the Southeast region including Ho Chi Minh City - Binh Duong - Dong Nai - Ba Ria Vung Tau... the My Phuoc - Tan Van section (connecting between Ho Chi Minh City - Binh Duong) is considered a The bright spot stands out because this route partly coincides with the Ring Road 3 project in Ho Chi Minh City, in addition, it also connects with traffic axes such as; National Highway 1, National Highway 1, Ho Chi Minh Road, ....

Diamond Boulevard

In addition, this place also expands - renovates - upgrades the local road system such as: Ring Road 3, Ring 4, My Phuoc Boulevard - Tan Van - Nhon Trach, DT 746, Tel 747B…

Recently, the intersection project between My Phuoc - Tan Van and DT741 roads (the route connecting Binh Phuoc and the Central Highlands) in Dinh Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city was officially opened after many years of removing obstacles for liberation. ground. Since then, My Phuoc - Tan Van has become one of the most important freight routes not only in Binh Duong but also connecting the southern key economic region.

In addition, the Diamond Boulevard apartment project is located in an area that is being invested in road transport systems such as highways connecting the northern provinces to Ho Chi Minh City, highways connecting Cambodia, Metro Line No. 1 Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien to Di An, My Phuoc - Tan Van highway, National Highway 13, Highway 14...

Diamond Boulevard

The development of this transport infrastructure system helps residents of Diamond Boulevard Binh Duong apartments conveniently connect provinces and cities in the southern key economic region, and at the same time help goods circulation take place faster.


In addition, with the location adjacent to the East Saigon area along with the establishment of "Thu Duc New City" including: District 2, District 9, Thu Duc District approved and gradually deployed will help Thuan An area enjoy conveniences - infrastructure - convenient trade connections increase the price of real estate arc.

With the formation of "Thu Duc City", Binh Duong province in general and Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Dau Mot in particular is becoming a satellite city, sought after by investors. This is a prerequisite for the real estate market of Diamond Boulevard - Thuan An Binh Duong to explode.

Diamond Boulevard - Tecco Southern Investor

In addition, Diamond Boulevard is a high-end segment project - the current price is considered the best in Binh Duong Real Estate market, where the most favorable facade location in Thuan An area will help the project increase its value sustainably when hand over to the high-end segment.

Complete Legal & Prestigious Investor: This is the key to sustainable price increases without risk. Buying a project at a low price, high quality, prime location, legal standard, reputable investor will help the project increase the price until the house is received and handed over. Helping customers feel secure that they can invest the maximum number of apartments in the same project and bring in cash flow at the same time.

Hotline: 0911 525 454

See more at: https://masterisesaigon.com/diamond-boulevard/



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