Ideal investment & residence with Lumiere Boulevard thanks to its water view

The Lumiere Boulevard project in Vinhomes Grand Park (Thu Duc City) makes an impression thanks to its view of many water surfaces such as the lake, Tac river, Dong Nai river, etc.

As the product of a handshake between Vinhomes and Masterise Homes - the "big guys" in the real estate industry, Lumiere Boulevard makes an impression on investors thanks to its green design, diverse utility system and expensive waterfront view. price.

Proud vision

According to a report released by Knight Frank in 2020, waterfront properties globally are priced 40% higher on average than products of the same size, utility and build quality.

“The waterfront housing segment belongs to the group with the best liquidity in all types of real estate. Even when the market is gloomy, riverside, lake and beach properties still maintain high prices thanks to their unique location and future profitability,” said Liam Bailey, global research director at Knight Frank , emphasize.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

Expensive view at Lumiere Boulevard in the heart of Vinhomes Grand Park

Vision brings intangible values that are difficult to measure, directly affecting the owner's emotions, pride and attachment to the house.

Sitting leisurely enjoying a cup of tea, reading a favorite book, watching the green park stretching as far as the eye can see, the peaceful river and enjoying the fresh breeze every day will bring excitement to the residents. urban.

With the current speed of urbanization, apartments with 360-degree views of nature like at the Lumiere Boulevard project are making a mark on the southern real estate market.

Unique and smart design

Lumiere Boulevard's design helps the number of apartments with water or park views account for 76%, providing a variety of options for buyers. No matter which floor you choose, large or small, buyers will satisfy both the criteria of good feng shui and expensive vision.

Lumiere Boulevard also offers residents a panoramic view when capturing in full view of the Tac River, Dong Nai River, Ba Di canal, the leading 36-hectare park in Southeast Asia, the large internal air-conditioning lake in Vinhomes Grand Park, the wharf. Manhattan Glory yacht luxury…

Lumiere Boulevard - water direction

Lumiere Boulevard apartment has a view towards Manhattan Glory Marina and Dong Nai River

From the apartment balcony, during the day, residents can watch the spacious space stretching to the horizon, immersing in nature to fully enjoy the fresh green experience and relaxation.

Meanwhile, watching the whole city shimmering with lights at night, listening to the sounds of life and feeling the breath of heaven and earth from the green trees and water surface will help owners dispel fatigue after a long day.

In addition to the high-class experience of 360-degree vision, Lumiere Boulevard also elevates the lifestyle of residents with Vietnam's leading 3D green architecture developed by Masterise Homes, perfect landscape and high-class facilities, worthy.

With 17,000 m2 of internal landscape and 24 vertical gardens running along the buildings, Lumiere Boulevard is greened up to 4 hectares, creating a rare work in the real estate market.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

Lumiere Boulevard is the leading 3D green architecture project in Vietnam, developed by Masterise Homes in Vinhomes Grand Park urban area. Perspective photo.

In addition, the 5-star resort-style facilities for residents right in the area can be mentioned: 65m Olympic-sized spaceship swimming pool, jacuzzi pool with hydromassage, international standard gym, sports area , outdoor cinema area, virtual reality sports area, ...

Internal utilities of Lumiere Boulevard 3

The spaceship pool at Lumiere Boulevard.

In addition, Vingroup's "all-in-one" ecosystem with Vincom Mega Mall, Vinschool, Vinmec and VinBus just a few steps from the doorstep are the privileges that create a resort lifestyle for Lumiere Boulevard residents right in the heart. Thu Duc city is vibrant.

For buyers to invest, Lumiere Boulevard is seen as a guarantee for attractive profitable properties from being leased to professionals, high-income customers and foreigners. This investment promises to add sustainable value in the medium and long term.

On June 6, Vinhomes Joint Stock Company and Masterise Homes Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the business of the Lumiere Boulevard project. Accordingly, Masterise Homes will focus its resources on construction and project quality management, while Vinhomes will play an exclusive business role. Investors who buy apartments Lumiere Boulevard District 9 enjoy attractive policies: Support 80% interest rate up to 24 months, grace loan principal up to 48 months and receive 3 years management fee.


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