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DatXanh Homes Riverside luxury apartment complex is the first project of Dat Xanh Group (Dat Xanh Group) in the apartment market in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc. It is known that the DatXanhHomes Riverside project will be implemented by the end of 2022. Currently, all information is being best prepared to be released to the market in the near future.


Name of project: Dat XanhHomes Riverside
Location: Song Hanh Street, An Phu, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Investment unit: Ha An – Member of Dat Xanh Group
Construction general: Coteccons
Development unit: Dat Xanh Group
Management & Operation Unit: Updating...
Scale: 6.7ha, 12 Block, more than 3000 apartments
Product Type: Apartment, Shophouse, Penhouse
Area types: 70 – 120 m
Commencement - Handover: Year 2021 – Year 2024
Project Legal: Pink book long-term ownership
50 years with foreigners
Estimated selling price: 100 – 120 million VND/m²

Touching nature at DatXanhHomes Riverside

Considered as a project that fully converges outstanding elements in landscape and distinctive architectural design, Dat Xanh Homes Riverside of the investor Dat Xanh Group is currently a high-end resort apartment project that causes great effects. strong, creating a real estate fever in the market of District 2, HCMC

Harmonious natural scenery

DatXanhHomes Riverside is an apartment project with a total area of ​​​​up to 6.7 hectares, located in the heart of District 2 - where the population is densely populated and has a remarkable growth rate in the eastern area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. With the enthusiasm and reputation of 15 years in the real estate market, the investor not only prioritizes choosing a suitable land of favorable weather, but also focuses on investing in creating a green space for residents.

Dat Xanh Homes Riverside land along Giong Ong To river owns a prosperous land, the river is full of water all year round, the land is a convergence of harmonious natural beauty, lush green trees and design overview. , is likened to a landscape wonder "Ha Long Bay in the heart of Saigon".

Dat Xanh Homes Riverside

Dat Xanh Homes Riverside with a rare location

Not only that, the gentle green Giong Ong To river around helps DatXanhHomes Riverside become a rare resort apartment project with a three-sided river view. The large water source from the river not only helps trees grow, welcomes a fresh cool breeze, but also helps increase wealth and prosperity for residents.

The highlight of Dat Xanh Homes Riverside is that the density of green space and miniatures is nearly 70%, while the construction density is only about 31%. With a large green area and a park along the banks of the Giong Ong To River stretching nearly 1 km, residents will have the opportunity to live in a huge natural garden for projects of the same size.

The internal roads connecting the areas of the project are also planned with a lot of trees and green buildings to create a green space for the residents. The walkway around the towers is also supplemented with many green lawns to help residents experience a fresh natural life, free from city smoke.

Dat Xanh Homes Riverside District 2

Impressive DatXanhHomes Riverside design makes a bold impression

Holding the advantage of location and different design ideas, Dat Xanh Homes Riverside is impressed by its unique beauty like green oasis blocks standing in the clouds of Ha Long Bay that the Investor has sent the source of. This inspiration runs through the design and development process of the project. Combined with Singapore's architectural design, Dat Xanh Homes Riverside brings a luxurious and classy living space, but still embraces its very own lines.

Dat Xanh Homes Riverside District 2

Overview Dat Xanh Homes Riverside is a riverfront land with 12 towers built flexibly to help circulate air and ventilation. With a wide viewing angle, the towers are arranged in accordance with construction standards, the front tower does not cover each other's views, ensuring that from every position of the project, residents can see the green landscape of the city. park and surrounding river landscape.

In modern design, the elements of space are always maximized so that residents can enjoy the advantage of ventilation and panoramic views from above. At DatXanhHomes Riverside, the overhead garden area is cleverly and delicately arranged, an ideal place for residents to rest, enjoy the fanciful colors of the sky at night and the purity and clarity when the light is shining. dawn emerges.

Dat Xanh-Homes-Riverside

Top notch utility

Utilities at DatXanh Homes Riverside also have different designs, in which the overflowing swimming pool at DatXanh Homes Riverside gives future residents a relaxing and resort-like experience when swimming, enjoying the view of the city. the city from above, soar your eyes to see the distant horizon. The tiered pools of water level winding in each block of the project bring safety for children and beauty for the building.

With a life at DatXanhHomes Riverside, we want to bring resort-class relaxation experiences to the hands of every new generation resident” – the representative of the investor shared. Living at Dat Xanh Homes Riverside, residents will no longer tire of searching and moving to tourist areas, because everything is fully equipped and right at hand.

Green Land investor group

Investor Dat Xanh Homes Riverside is always the topic that receives the attention of customers who plan to own this luxury apartment. Because the reputation of the investor will make it easier for customers to trust when deciding to own an apartment. Dat Xanh – A famous investor in the field of real estate is known by many people. Let's take a look at what Dat Xanh has achieved with the DatXanhHomes Riverside project.

Dat Xanh Group was established in 2003 by Mr. Luong Tri Thin, formerly known as Dat Xanh Real Estate Services and Construction Company Limited. Dat Xanh Group has become one of the earliest professional real estate units in Vietnam.

Dat Xanh Homes Riverside - Investor

Dat Xanh Group always wants to bring outstanding real estate products to customers across the country and gradually assert itself in the top 10 prestigious companies in Southeast Asia.

After nearly 20 years of development, Dat Xanh Group has actively developed the scale of the real estate industry, creating housing opportunities for hundreds of thousands of families across the country, significantly changing the stature, quality and size of the real estate market. urban appearance of Vietnam.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is the selling price of Dat Xanhhomes Riverside?

The selling price of Dat Xanhhomes Riverside apartments has not been officially announced by Dat Xanh investor, but the price is expected to range from 100 to 120 million VND/².

Where exactly is Dat Xanh Homes Riverside located?

Location Dat Xanh Homes Riverside project is located in front of Song Hanh street (Ho Chi Minh - Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway), An Phu ward, Thu Duc city, HCMC. Next to the Palm Garden project and the large river frontage area. See location on "Google Maps"

Dat Xanhhomes Riverside Quan 2