Opportunity to settle down & invest at LUMIÈRE Boulevard

The international standard of living and superior sales policy are the reasons why "extreme product" LUMIÈRE Boulevard captured the market as soon as it was launched, setting a record when nearly 2,000 apartments were registered to hold space in just 2 days. day.

Live in luxury, live green, enjoy resort privileges

Located in the golden position of the "park city" of Vinhomes Grand Park, next to Tac River, Dong Nai River and Ba Di canal, LUMIÈRE Boulevard owns an expensive advantage with river and park views that are rare in projects. which can be. The 36-hectare large park looks like an outstretched arm, creating an immense green area surrounding 5 apartment buildings. At the same time, the view overlooking the river and mineral water brings residents fresh air all year round.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

Waterfront views captivate residents at LUMIÈRE Boulevard

Masterise Homes, an international branded real estate developer, has brought to the center of Thu Duc City a project with Vietnam's leading 3D green architecture. LUMIÈRE Boulevard makes "thousands of people fall in love" when it is designed as green towers with 24 vertical gardens rising proudly in the middle of the air. With a green area of ​​20,000m2 along the buildings and 17,000m2 of the internal landscape, about 125 million liters of oxygen are produced each year, which is a valuable source of fresh air for the residents.

The high-class resort lifestyle at LUMIÈRE Boulevard becomes even more desirable when each utility is carefully selected and designed according to international standards, in order to satisfy the needs of physical and mental health care for customers. resident.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

The swimming pool exceeding Olympic standards for the first time appeared in Vietnam.

The "heart" of the interior is a 65m-long 2-storey spaceship swimming pool exceeding Olympic standards, guaranteeing an active life in the midst of nature. In addition, Jacuzzi lake with hydrotherapy massage like in high-end resorts, is an ideal place for residents to rest and relax. Meanwhile, young residents will be "fascinated" by the playground area, kite flying area, fountain, children's swimming pool, lazy river, paper boat racing area...

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

International standard outdoor and indoor facilities improve the quality of life.

Also in the area, residents can enjoy reunion moments filled with happy laughter when the whole family enjoys attractive BBQ parties or favorite movies at the outdoor cinema. . The family is more connected when members practice sports and experience exciting games at the outdoor sports area, indoor gym or virtual reality sports center.

In particular, LUMIÈRE Boulevard residents also "own" exclusive amenities for residents in Vinhomes Grand Park, including: Vincom Mega Mall, Vinmec, Vinschool, VinBus, Manhattan Glory marina, high office tower 45 floors... All are perfect pieces to create a dream life with 3 floors of world-class "green - luxury - resort" advantages in the midst of fresh nature.

Owning a "super" apartment with a preeminent policy

Since the first information was revealed, LUMIÈRE Boulevard has caused a fever for the whole Southern real estate market. This is evidenced when LUMIÈRE Boulevard apartments quickly find owners right after opening for sale.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

Apartment space LUMIÈRE Boulevard international standard.

My Tien (Thu Duc City), one of the lucky customers who owns the LUMIÈRE Boulevard apartment, revealed that this is the golden time to put down money when the investor has just launched extremely sales policies. interesting.

"The project is expected to be handed over in the second quarter of 2023, so customers who buy an apartment now can quickly stay for free for nearly a year," said My Tien.

Specifically, with the policy of 80% interest subsidy for up to 24 months, customers only need the initial capital equivalent to 20% of the apartment value. During the following 24 months, customers will be free to arrange their finances when fully interest-free.

Lumiere Boulevard - Vinhomes & Masterise Homes

With an attractive policy, let the owner relax and calculate.

“For investors, the smaller the initial investment, the better. The policy of buying LUMIÈRE Boulevard apartments gives us peace of mind for a long time when we have both a grace period of the principal debt, interest support, and a small profit from renting the apartment,” said Mr. Le. Tan Phat, a long-time investor, analyzed.

Owners of LUMIÈRE Boulevard apartments are also given 3 years of management fees and preferential life insurance premiums. Not stopping there, LUMIÈRE Boulevard also extends the privileges for quick customers with a preferential policy of up to 12.6% for early payment and 8.1% for progress payment. This is a rare opportunity to help customers easily own a high-class apartment, created by Masterise Homes and leading international partners.

On June 6, 2022, Vinhomes Joint Stock Company and Masterise Homes Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement for project business LUMIÈRE Boulevard. Accordingly, Masterise Homes focuses its resources on the construction and quality management of the project, while Vinhomes plays an exclusive business role in the project.


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