Experts evaluate the benefits of the 'Home For Home' solution

Experts evaluate the solution "Home for Home" to help optimize the benefits of both investors and buyers with stable financial capacity and income.

In the seminar "Solution of 'House-changing houses' on the rise of real estate prices" broadcast on VnExpress on August 4, experts said that this is one of the preeminent financial solutions on the market today. Accordingly, in addition to a refundable deposit of 50 million, buyers do not need to prepare an amount equivalent to 30% of the value of the apartment they want to buy, but can use existing assets as collateral.

Home for home - Experts evaluate the benefits of the solution 'House change house'

Different from traditional home loan method

According to Mr. Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet - Director of CBRE Vietnam's Housing Department, in the past, homebuyers mainly used their own properties to borrow and had to pay an amount equivalent to 30-50% of the product value. support bank.

Unlike mortgage loans, “Home for Home” uses two loan packages in the same product. For 30% of the initial value, the buyer uses the apartment itself, an existing house or an equivalent property such as a passbook as a mortgage, from which to pay for 30% of the apartment value. After that, customers use the apartment they want to buy as a mortgage to borrow 70% of the remaining value.

"Thus, this solution supports buyers with 100% of the house value, no interest-bearing grace period and no prepaid penalty fees until the date of handing over the apartment," Mr. Kiet analyzed.

Ms. Phan Thu Van - Business Development Manager of Masterise Homes - the developer of "Home for Home", said that this solution will help reduce the initial financial burden, helping buyers take the initiative in maximum time. value your assets. Specifically, Ms. Van gave an example of a case where a couple wanted to buy a house but did not have enough cash equivalent to 30% of the value of the new apartment. Then the family can try to save for about 2 years until the time to hand over the 30% payment and own both houses.

“Or if the price of the old house increases after two years, they can use the profit from the sale of the old house to pay 30% of the value of the new house,” Van said.

Flexible 'change house' solution

A representative of Masterise Homes said that in the past time, many customers have been interested in this policy, including those who have not yet completed the legal process for the real estate they currently own. Therefore, "Home for Home" expands the scope of application to not only accept red books and pink books but also accept savings books.

Ms. Anh Thi - a customer who has signed up to participate in the "House-changing house" solution has decided to choose to buy an apartment in the Masteri Center Point project (District 9, Ho Chi Minh City) to facilitate commuting for work in the industry. aviation, when the Long Thanh international airport project comes into operation in the future. However, because the apartment currently does not have a pink book, she decided to use a savings book equivalent to 30% of the apartment as a mortgage with the desire to participate in the solution of "House-changing houses".

“Despite the mortgage, I still enjoy monthly interest from the savings book. At the same time, from here until the time of handing over the house, I do not have to bear interest on a loan of 70% of the value of the apartment. The family can strive to reduce the loan amount, if lucky, they can earn enough money to pay off the loan without having to borrow anymore, Anh Thi shared.

More tools to increase benefits for investors

From the perspective of investors, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh believes that the solution can help customers almost without the initial capital investment and still be profitable. Thanks to a two-year interest-free grace period, if they see a change in the value of the future apartment and sell it within two years of joining, it is completely possible to make a profit.

In addition to good financial solutions, investors also need to choose good and profitable projects. Mr. Quynh assessed that in this case, the "Home for Home" solution satisfies both of the above conditions.

“With the capacity and reputation of Masterise Homes, the projects provided by this developer to the market have the potential to increase prices in the future”, Mr. Quynh forecasted during the seminar.

This solution is effective for investors who have capital and real estate available, but want to use that cash for other purposes. Instead of buying a home with a capital of 30% of the home's value, they can buy a home cashless with just a mortgage on the existing property.

"House changing house" with Win-Win-Win formula- a new direction for the real estate market

"House changing house" with Win-Win-Win formula- a new direction for the real estate market

Note to get the most out of the solution

In order to optimize the benefits of "House Changers", experts recommend that buyers need to understand the nature and carefully calculate the cash flow and financial plan. The solution is to lend up to 100% of the apartment value with two loans at the same time, so participants need to have appropriate financial capacity and income to ensure fulfillment of obligations with the bank.

According to the solution developer, in order to reduce financial pressure, all customers are directly consulted by a consultant to ensure that only customers who meet the conditions of the solution can participate in “Home for Home“.

"This is a smart tool and can only bring out its full potential if used in the most appropriate way," emphasized Ms. Phan Thu Van.

Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet noted that when deciding to buy real estate, it is necessary to choose a project and product that is suitable for needs, choose a project of a capable investor and be committed to guarantee the progress by the bank. minimize risks related to legal and quality.

For investor Nguyen Tuan Quynh, the advice given is that buyers should not use up their financial limit, but always have to have capital in case of emergencies or better investment opportunities appear.

According to VNexpress


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