Series of events to experience branded services at Grand Marina

Various activities will be implemented by Masterise Homes in 2022, at the project's model house at 2 Ton Duc Thang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Sharing about the meaning of the above series of events, Mr. Gibran Bukhari – Head of Sales Masterise Homes thinks that luxury real estate has not really developed in Vietnam, so it will be difficult for customers to imagine the experience and "brand name" lifestyle.

“We are bringing customers closer to these experiences and lifestyles right at the luxurious and sophisticated model house space of Grand Marina, Saigon. Through the series of events, customers will gradually imagine the luxury life they will enjoy in the future at Grand Marina, Saigon,” said Mr. Gibran Bukhari.

Accordingly, from April, customers when coming to Grand Marina, Saigon model house will experience high-class services such as traveling by luxury car, enjoying food from talented chefs and admiring fashion shows. premium page.

Grand Marina, Saigon - A series of events to experience branded services at the -compressed project (2)

Culinary experience at the event.

Opening the series of events is a limousine service for customers when they come to make transactions at the model house, simulating the "chauffeur" service (private driver) provided by the professional team of Marriott Group. Not only stopping at the shuttle service, customers are also served as upper class owners in the car with music and congratulatory wine in the luxurious and comfortable space of famous expensive cars.

From mid-April is the time for a series of culinary events with experienced chefs and unique menus. Each event is a theme, performed directly by a talented chef, with dishes designed specifically for the diners of Grand Marina, Saigon.

Specifically, on April 22, Chef Tomohiro Sawaguchi at Sushi Rei restaurant created unique dishes served according to the art of Omakase and used fresh fish imported directly from Japan. in the spring time – the theme of the event. May 8 is expected to be a visual and taste party themed "smoke and fire", with a menu including BBQ dishes on charcoal fire from chef Julien Perraudin (France) working at Quince restaurant. Eatery, has twice received the “Chef of the Year” award in 2019 and 2020.

Grand Marina, Saigon - A series of events to experience branded services at the -compressed project (2)

Chef Tomohiro Sawaguchi at Grand Marina's "Spring"-themed culinary experience event, Saigon on April 22.

Continuing the journey of learning about French cuisine, on May 14, Chef Adrien Guenzi from Square One restaurant (belonging to 5-star Park Hyatt hotel) will bring guests to enjoy dishes that are a combination of the two. French and Vietnamese cuisine, through skillful cooking techniques from many years of working with Michelin chefs. The culinary theme that Chef Adrien Guenzi will bring is "heart", expressing his love for Vietnamese cuisine.

Grand Marina, Saigon - A series of events to experience branded services at the -compressed project (2)

Japanese dishes with the theme of "spring" at the event on April 22.

The series of events will simulate the dining services and amenities that future residents will enjoy – it could be room-service meals prepared by Marriott chefs, it could also be restaurants. at the podium or commercial center of The Sun Tower. Thereby conveying the message of Masterise Homes when making these services and utilities an indispensable piece of the luxury lifestyle at Grand Marina, Saigon.

In addition, customers also have the opportunity to participate in many exclusive entertainment activities right at the Grand Marina model house, Saigon, such as a high-end fashion show event with branded collections from designers. Vietnam's leading fashion or beauty consultation program with famous stylists.

Grand Marina Bason

Grand Marina, Saigon branded real estate complex in the central core of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, along the banks of the Saigon River. Perspective photo: Masterise Homes

Grand Marina, Saigon is a luxury real estate complex Marriott International is located in the central core of District 1, HCMC, along the banks of the Saigon River. In 2021, the project has introduced to the Vietnamese market the concept of luxury real estate in urban areas, and organized domestic and international sales events.

It is expected that the Lake - the first building in the Grand Marina, Saigon luxury real estate complex, will be completed and put into operation in the first quarter of 2023. According to a representative of Masterise Homes, a large number of Marriott branded apartments in the Lake building have been owned, among them a penthouse duplex on the 45th floor with an area of nearly 240 m2. Grand Marina, Saigon is applying a preferential financial package, a grace period for the principal and interest for 12 months after the handover time.

See more at Grand Marina Website: Grand Marina Saigon


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