Grand Marina Saigon investor cooperates with Druce to distribute Vietnamese real estate in the international market

A business partner from the UK with 200 years of experience will help expand Masterise Homes' distribution network globally…

Mr. Gibran Bukhari, Business Unit Manager of Masterise Homes and Mr. Robert Bartlett, General Director of Druce Global signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Cooperating with Druce (UK), Masterise Group expands Vietnamese real estate distribution to the world-compressed

Masterise Group has officially announced a strategic partnership with Druce - a leading real estate consulting unit from the UK specializing in the distribution of high-end residential products in a central location.

This will be a partner to help expand the distribution network of Masterise Homes' world-class real estate products to the world, introducing to foreign investors projects including the branded real estate Grand Marina. , Saigon (District 1, HCMC), The Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) and the future high-rise subdivision in The Global City urban area (An Phu, the city Thu Duc, HCMC).

Established in 1822, Druce has 200 years of experience in consulting sales and leasing of high-end and luxury real estate products in developed markets.

Mr. Gibran Bukhari, Sales Director of Masterise Homes shared about the cooperation with this unit: “Druce is part of our plan to expand our distribution network of world-class real estate products in Vietnam. South to the international market. Experienced foreign investors in Vietnam's real estate market all rate this as an attractive investment destination with high yields. In the context that the world is gradually reopening after more than 2 years of the epidemic, this will be an opportunity to attract more strongly the demand for foreign investment in Vietnam, especially in products associated with the world's leading brand, globally recognized. We hope that cooperation with Druce will not only bring many successful transactions in the international market but also an opportunity for the world to know the historical - cultural - economic values ​​of Vietnam through projects. real estate project.”

This is not the first time Masterise Homes has distributed its products in the international market. In 2021, this unit has successfully "exported" Marriott and JW Marriott branded apartments at Grand Marina, Saigon to the Hong Kong market.

The success of this event is a premise for the plan to expand the distribution channel to other international markets, thereby promoting the cooperation agreement between Masterise Group and Druce. This unit will represent the distribution of Masterise Group's products in developed markets such as Singapore, Dubai and Europe.

Expressing his pleasure that the cooperation agreement with Masterise Group marks a new milestone in the company's 200-year development journey, Mr. Robert Bartlett, General Director of Druce Global said: “Vietnam is a market potential market but not widely known in Western countries. When looking at the Vietnamese real estate market, we know that Masterise Homes is a leading developer, bringing products associated with the most famous brands. That is the basis for us to know that these are the products we can recommend to investors all over the world and compete well with others. Through that, Vietnam will also be known and recognized by the world for its real estate products that meet the highest international standards.”

Cooperating with Druce (UK), Masterise Group expands Vietnamese real estate distribution to the world-compressed

Mr. Robert Bartlett, General Director of Druce Global, assessed that Vietnam is an attractive but untapped market with its inherent potential.

According to the plan, in the first phase, Druce will focus on distributing two branded real estate projects of Masterise Homes - Grand Marina, Saigon and The Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi. Both projects are located in prime locations in the city center and are associated with the luxury hotel brands of Marriott International - the world's leading resort group.

Founded in 1822 in London, Druce is a UK-based company specializing in luxury residential real estate and new developments in the city center. With a history of 200 years, Druce owns a team of experts with high expertise, contributing to successful sales, leasing and valuation consulting for many products and projects around the world.

Masterise Group is a private economic group in the real estate sector, with the main business lines: residential real estate, commercial real estate, retail, services, and property management activities. profitable.

Masterise Homes - a member of the Masterise Group - is a pioneering international real estate developer applying global standards to the development, operation and management of real estate products and services in Vietnam. South and the world. Owning the largest portfolio of Branded Residences in Southeast Asia, Masterise Homes affirms its international capabilities through its partnership with Marriott International - the world's largest hotel group with brands Marriott , JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton.

Source: https://masterisesaigon. com/masterise-group/


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