Singer Ha Anh Tuan is investing in buying real estate at Masterise Homes

With the topic "Smart Investment", Ha Anh Tuan and real estate experts had an interesting discussion in episode 5 of the talk show "The Master of Living Show".

Everyone wants to have a financially stable life. If we know how to invest smartly, we can develop money sources and accumulate assets early, ensuring a sustainable future. However, among many investment channels, which is the smartest and safest way to invest? In “The Master of Living show” episode 5, Mr. Jason Turnbull (Deputy General Director and Chief Financial Officer of Masterise Homes), Mr. Bui Thanh Tung (Regional Director, Financial Advisory - Customer Service Division of Techcombank) ), Ms. Thuy Duong (editor of ELLE Decoration Vietnam Magazine) and singer Ha Anh Tuan discussed together to give the best advice and answer.


Singer Ha Anh Tuan is investing in buying real estate at Masterise Homes


Ha Anh Tuan with financial experts in The Master of Living Show.

In response to the question "Which channel should I start investing from", the guests gave many thought-provoking points. According to Ms. Thuy Duong, as more and more young people participate in investment, early investment brings many advantages to develop money sources and accumulate assets. As a result, young people can retire early to spend time enjoying life and personal interests. According to the guests, in many investment channels, young people should start with investing in buying houses or apartments.

Reality proves that the real estate investment market has never cooled down even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Conversely, as life becomes more volatile, a backup savings becomes more important. Investing in housing is a smart investment because it's both a place to live for the long term and a safe, stable asset that grows in value over time. Ha Anh Tuan revealed that he is also investing in real estate, and said that it is a way for "when you sleep, money still grows by itself". In addition, he shared that owning a beautiful apartment and investing in furniture is also his way of "investing in happiness".


Singer Ha Anh Tuan is investing in buying real estate at Masterise Homes



Investors need to know some notes before starting to decide to invest in real estate. Mr. Bui Thanh Tung shared, with such a long-term investment, you should choose to buy houses or apartments from reputable investors and have reliable banking partners. Reputable projects such as Masteri Center Point, Masteri West Heights, Masteri Waterfront or Masteri Thao Dien will always be the choice of those who want to experience a world-class lifestyle while ensuring future profits. “In order to do that, we always make sure that the product that reaches the user is of good quality, has a beautiful design and comes with the right financial service package,” said Jason.


Singer Ha Anh Tuan is investing in buying real estate at Masterise Homes


The financial service package that Masterise Homes combines with Techcombank offers a solution to support interest rates when customers borrow money to buy a home with many privileges, including a life insurance package to prevent risks during the loan process. . "With Techcombank's loan rate up to 80-90% for Masterise Homes products, young people can buy their first home without too much pressure," said Mr. Thanh Tung.


Ha Anh Tuan shared about Masterise Homes' Home for Home program.

At the end of episode 5, as usual, singer Ha Anh Tuan did not forget to give the guests a wonderful musical gift. The male singer filled the space of The Master of Living Show with his sweet voice and melodious melody of the love song When the one he loved cried, composed by Phan Manh Quynh.

The Master of Living Show is a series of talk shows with a unique and new concept hosted by singer Ha Anh Tuan and special guests who are famous artists and industry experts - lifestyle "masters". . Each episode in The Master of Living Show discusses many different topics such as home decoration, interior design, bringing nature into living space, financial investment and accumulation for the future... broadcast on the official Facebook Fanpage and YouTube channel of Masterise Homes.



Masterise Homes ( Masterise Group ) possesses the international capacity to create world-class architectural works with world-class quality and worthy experiences. Masterise Homes is currently the largest luxury real estate developer in Vietnam with a historic partnership with Marriott International – The world's largest hotel group to bring the Branded apartment brands Marriott, JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton come to Vietnam for the first time.

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