Branded Residence – Branded real estate will enter urban Vietnam

In the strong growth trend of luxury real estate in Vietnam, projects are gradually appearing in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City instead of resort locations.

In the context of changing customer behavior and lifestyles under the impact of the pandemic, luxury real estate is a concept that is gaining attention. In Vietnam, this segment is meeting the increasingly obvious needs of the wealthy class (HNWI), but the number of products in urban areas is still limited.

In great demand

During the period of Vietnam's economic boom, statistics from Knight Frank show that the number of people with assets over 30 million USD in Vietnam is still increasing steadily, despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. At the same time, Knight Frank forecasts that by 2025, Vietnam will have 511 people with assets over 30 million USD and 25,812 people with assets over 1 million USD.

Also in the period of macroeconomics with many unknowns because of the epidemic, the super-rich are looking for safer investment channels to accumulate assets, and luxury real estate is considered one of the channels such as: so.

Branded real estate is defined as a partnership between a project developer and a prestigious brand – usually in the resort sector, creating luxurious products and living experiences with outstanding quality of construction. dominant. The presence of a reputable resort brand will ensure diverse amenities, personalized services, lifestyle benefits that residents enjoy and in addition a guarantee, price guarantee. long-term value of property.

Branded real estate is attracting the attention of the super-rich.

In particular, branded real estate also meets the needs of affirming the status and success of the elite - something that is difficult for non-branded real estate to do. If a bag or a branded watch is priced the same around the world, then the real estate price of the same brand is also priced the same. Owning branded real estate becomes a pride, affirming the owner's class and taste to the whole world.

Limited supply

Over the past 10 years, luxury real estate has increased by 170% in volume. Research by WATG shows that hotel operators are increasingly interested in owning projects located in large urban areas instead of resorts.

While Vietnam is being considered as one of the fastest growing luxury real estate markets in the world, the projects recorded are mainly located in coastal resort localities. The scarce land fund in the center of Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi limits the development of luxury real estate in urban areas.

The trend of moving into the city of luxury real estate is increasing as the demand for super-luxury housing in major financial centers increases sharply. Marriott's Grand Marina Saigon is the first urban luxury real estate project in Vietnam, located in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Grand Marina Bason

Grand Marina Bason

Open view towards the Saigon River of the Sea building - the central tower at Grand Marina

With a golden location along the Saigon River with the companionship of two famous brands Marriott and JW Marriott, Grand Marina Saigon is a valuable addition to the super-luxury real estate needs of Vietnamese customers.

Choose "brand" to send gold

In addition to being located right in the city center, Grand Marina is branded, managed and operated by Marriott. In order to ensure the standards for brand recognition, Marriott International has been directly involved in the design, construction, and construction of model houses to bring true value to customers.

The level of Grand Marina Saigon comes from the participation of Marriott International Group. According to Savills' Branded Residences 2020 report, Marriott is currently the strongest brand in the luxury real estate segment, owning 21% of all projects globally. The companionship of this brand ensures a high-class resort living experience from a globally recognized and experienced hotel group.

Grand Marina Saigon Bason - nice perspective

The infinity pool is on the top floor of the Sea building, providing a unique relaxing experience for residents.

The project is being implemented with a master plan of more than 10 hectares, including 8 branded apartment towers directly connected to Ba Son station of metro line 1 and an open landscape area including trees, bridges. and the entire waterfront area of District 1. Of the 8 towers, the Sea tower holds a prominent position in the center, with 2 lines of luxury apartments associated with 2 Marriott & JW Marriott brands in the same tower. This is also the building that owns a permanent view of the Saigon River, and the infinity pool on the top floor.

With an impressive scale and the cooperation of the world's leading hotel group Marriott International, this complex is expected to bring to the downtown area of the city a vibrant and prosperous life.

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