"Unveiling" the most exciting subdivision in the new center of Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Binh An urban area, after officially "changing its name" to The Global City, has continuously attracted attention in the market with many interesting new information.

‘Not only building houses, Masterise Homes creates lifestyles’

Super project of 117.4ha in An Phu Ward, City. Thu Duc has long been noticed by the market because of its large scale and prime location, convenient connection. Therefore, when Saigon Binh An urban area (the old commercial name of the project) is rumored to be in the hands of Masterise Homes in 2021, this project is even more interested by the buzz from top real estate products. brand of the entity at that time.

Until Jan 2022, Masterise Homes has officially announced and launched the project with a new name, The Global City, with the orientation to become a global city, a modern urban area, well-planned. of Ho Chi Minh City, a new downtown (central area) of the city. In February, the project continued to attract attention when it announced its architectural consulting partner, Foster+Partners - a giant in the world urban and architectural design village.

In March, The Global City project is launching the Soho townhouse subdivision located in the most vibrant central location of the metropolis. The subdivision's name is inspired by the busiest and busiest shopping area of global cities such as London and New York.

The Global City - Soho . townhouse subdivision

The Global City's Soho is inspired by the Soho area of London, New York

Soho townhouse products possess a modern and flexible design according to international standards from architects Foster + Partners, a harmonious combination of modern architecture and typical urban sounds of Vietnam.

The Global City Townhouse 3

The design of townhouses harmonizes between modern architecture and Vietnamese urban sound.

Each row of townhouses is a blend of diverse and unique exterior designs, bringing a lively and improvised space for residents and visitors to the project.

The Global City townhouse 1

Diverse and lively exterior design of Soho townhouses.

With the philosophy of sustainable and flexible architecture, increasing interaction between people and nature, the design of Soho townhouse products makes the most of natural light and the green outside with large glass doors and windows. airy balcony.

The Global City Townhouse 2

The balcony is spacious and very "western" of Soho townhouse.

Soho will also be the area connecting all shopping, dining and entertainment facilities of the project, creating potential business opportunities.

The Global City townhouse 5

Ideal connection of Soho townhouse.

Positioned in a high-end position with design and construction in compliance with international standards, Soho townhouse products are expected to have the highest market price in the city. Thu Duc. However, with the limited supply of townhouses in Ho Chi Minh City in 2022, it is expected that The Global City's Soho subdivision will still be noticed and sought after when it opens for sale in the near future.

Source : https://masterisesaigon.com/the-global-city/


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