The destination of the world's elite at Vietnam Real Estate Brand

The trend to own one or more "super-rare" branded apartments of the super-rich in the core location of the center of major cities in the world is becoming more and more popular.

Super luxury apartments in places like Manhattan, London, Singapore, Hong Kong ... are always limited collections that are sought after and desired by the elite.

Around the world, according to "The Wealth Report" 2020 by the end of 2019, there are 513,244 super-rich people with assets worth 30 million USD or more, as estimated by Knight Frank.

In which, leading in the number of rich people according to this report is the US with 240,575 people, more than the rich people of Europe and Asia combined and accounting for nearly 50% of the world's rich. These numbers are still increasing rapidly year by year.

In Vietnam alone, there are 458 super-rich people, an increase of 7% compared to a year ago and according to the forecast in the Prosperity Report 2021, by 2025, Vietnam will have 511 people with assets over 30 million USD. and nearly 26 million people with assets of more than $1 million (up 31% over the next five years).

The destination of the world's elite at Vietnam Real Estate Brand

The Ritz-Carlton Colombo with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean

The strong increase in the number of billionaires, rich and super-rich entrepreneurs in the near future will push the demand for quality of life to a higher standard, increasing the level of consumption and possession of luxury items. luxury apartments, especially "super rare" branded apartments in the core locations of the centers of big cities.

Ritz-Carlton Hanoi luxury apartments

According to a survey by C9 Hotelworks, Vietnam is the third largest luxury real estate market in Asia. The supply for this segment is still very limited, in Vietnam there is a project Grand Marina Saigon – developed in conjunction with Masterise Homes developer and reputation management brand Marriott International. Super luxury apartments sell for quite a high price of about 18,000 USD/m².


In Hanoi, Ritz-Carlton luxury apartments with hundreds of high-class utilities from major brands in the world make customers overwhelmed by the perfect beauty from the small details. The project sold 100% of the apartments in the first sale, although at a very high price of 700 million - 1 billion VND/m² (excluding taxes and maintenance fees). The cheapest apartment of this project also has a total value of over 70 billion VND, the highest apartment with a view of the central street costs more than 100 billion VND / unit (equivalent to more than 1 billion VND / m²). The project developer has plans to market this product to potential customers in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and beyond Europe, the Middle East.

The destination of the world's elite at Vietnam Real Estate Brand

Interior of Ritz-Carlton Hanoi apartment

Luxury real estate in major capitals in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi such as Ritz-Carlton luxury apartments is really attracting and potential to the region and the world. Super luxury apartments are no longer limited to the domestic market but will be approached according to the trend of globalization. The project will become the destination of billionaires, entrepreneurs, merchants or famous stars in the world... With them owning a house or owning a "luxury" branded real estate The world famous brand of St. Regis, Ritz – Carlton, JW Marriott or Four Seasons is a business card that cannot be more classy than a natural affirmation of wealth and success.

Thu Thiem peninsula, the new economic center, will have an upmarket luxury apartment complex

Back to the story of the auction of 4 plots of land in Thu Thiem New Urban Area in Ho Chi Minh City, in which the third lot was purchased by a member company of Tan Hoang Minh Group at a price of about 2.4 billion VND/m². These four land lots are located in the golden land of District 2 along the Saigon River. However, Tan Hoang Minh paid many times higher price to be able to own the land lot No. 3 with the largest area (10,060m) and a special location dubbed the diamond land right next to the central tower. finance of the city, built in the future.

The location of the project is always a prerequisite factor affecting its value no matter how volatile the market. With branded real estate, the location is also particularly choosy, luxury apartments are located in the projects with the most prime locations, are limited edition collections associated with developed brands. development and management of world reputation.

Tan Hoang Minh land lot is considered as the "diamond heart" of Thu Thiem, completely has the basis to achieve an impressive price. The land around Thu Thiem and other areas has been and is being priced very appropriately with market demand. It is the only rare piece of land along the Saigon River that gathers all the right factors for high-end real estate developer Tan Hoang Minh to create a real estate masterpiece of the right quality, worthy of those who want to invest in real estate. super rich, owned by billionaires in Vietnam and around the world.

Valuing a potential piece of land for high-end real estate projects is also a strategy to affirm the brand and compete for market share of Vietnam with the region and internationally in developing the luxury real estate segment.

High-end real estate developer Tan Hoang Minh in the future creates a super-luxury apartment building on Thu Thiem peninsula, the new economic center of Ho Chi Minh City. One of the branded collections for the global elite to have more luxurious experiences right on the banks of the magnificent Saigon River.


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