Branded real estate is attracting the super rich in 2023

The super-rich will continue to flock to high-end real estate projects with luxury products, limited in quantity, bringing rare living values ​​to owners.

The heat of branded Residences

According to a recent forecast by Knight Frank, the price of luxury real estate in Dubai - a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), will increase by 13.5% in 2023.

In particular, the projects are located on the island, private, limited in number, possessing panoramic views of Dubai Bay and special high-class facilities that attract the super-rich. A typical example is the artificial island Palm Jumeriah (Palm Island). If 7 years ago, when the first apartments in Palm Island were for sale for only 5.5 million Dh (equivalent to 1.5 million USD), now a penthouse at Atlantis The Royal complex – a new leading luxury subdivision in Palm Jumeriah palm island has been sold for more than 30 times – 180 million Dh (equivalent to 49 million USD).


Branded real estate is attracting the super rich in 2023


Palm Island for the super rich in Dubai

Even though it costs tens of millions of USD to own, the owner still has to spend at least 10 million USD to design the interior of the apartment, according to RoppReport. An indoor tennis court, a large swimming pool ... are utilities that apartment owners at Atlantis The Royal are ready to equip to prove their class.

But despite the skyrocketing price, the number of properties sold on this million-dollar artificial island is limited. For example, the villa area worth 420 million Dh (equivalent to 114 million USD) has less than 5% of the total 600 units for sale.

Explaining the heat of Palm Jumeriah in particular and real estate in Dubai in general, Philippe Zuber - CEO of Kerzner International and project developer said, 2020 and 2021 are surprising years. Dubai is one of the global destinations with excellent pandemic control capabilities. Therefore, this place has become attractive to investors.

Besides Dubai, Knight Frank also forecasts super-luxury real estate in Miami (USA) will grow at 5%. Followed by Dublin (Ireland), Lisbon (Portugal) and Los Angeles of the US at 4%.

The rise of real estate in Dubai, Miami or Lisbon ... has shown that the real estate market is for the rich - elite customers who are always looking for value in health, safety, luxury amenities as well as luxury. Privacy and class are still increasing in value over time.

Promising branded products in Vietnam

Capturing the sustainable potential of luxury real estate, in Vietnam, high-end real estate developers, typically Masterise Homes (member Masterise Corporation Group) also constantly creates products that do not only luxury, full of utilities but also rare, limited quantity.

Before 2023, the Masterise Homes brand in collaboration with Marriott Corporation launched the luxury apartment project Grand Marina, Saigon – a model of the most luxurious apartments in the middle of a modern city, pioneering in the market. .


Grand Marina Saigon


Panorama of Grand Marina, Saigon

Isolated on Ba Son land fund, in the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, surrounded by 2km of Saigon riverside road, not far from the entire economic center of Ho Chi Minh City, with a unique location, both private and connected, suitable for luxury real estate development.

A representative of Masterise Homes shared, this is the pioneer project of the unit in Ho Chi Minh City when combined with Marriott for the first time, developed in the model of a riverside branded apartment with more than 100+ high-class facilities, bringing luxury amenities. to a trendy living space for the elite. "We expect Grand Marina to become a place to live, relax and enjoy the life of the elite and a team of domestic and foreign experts," this person said.


Grand Marina Saigon - Marriott International & Masterise Homes- Start building Branded Residence in Vietnam -compressed


The international standard utility system that Grand Marina brings to residents towards high-class comfort. It is an infinity swimming pool facing the river, a modern multi-purpose sports area, a luxurious clubhouse, a tea ceremony house, a walking path between the trees around the Saigon River, nearly 2 km long, and Ba Square Park. Son - Grand Marina.


Grand Marina, Saigon Bason Riverside-compressed


Special facilities for the entertainment of the rich are also meticulously invested such as a private movie theater and a marina. At the same time, Grand Marina also has a modern style in harmony with the culture and history of the old Ba Son port, creating a unique and impressive architecture for the international branded apartment complex Grand Marina.


The central tower of the Grand Marina project, Saigon with a panoramic view


The largest Grand Marina in Ho Chi Minh City

According to a representative of Masterise Homes, the luxury apartment Grand Marina is surrounded by the flow of the Saigon River, bringing a natural scene with residents, green river water or apartment buildings all year round. It can be seen that, besides the prestige of the Masterise Group investor, what makes these "rare" properties attractive is the value of enjoying life, honoring the owner's position.

And those are also the factors that create the ability to increase sustainable value over time of the high-end real estate segment, meeting the strict demands of the elite.


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