Applying international standards to build a new living experience at Masterise Homes District 9

Vietnam is on the rise, the quality of life is changing and improving, closer to the world's living standards. With strict "world-class" standards, Masterise Homes is committed to bringing a quality home with depth of experience and pride in the new lifestyle of future generations.

Masteri Center Point - Masterise Homes District 9 View Song Ho-compressed

Masteri Center Point – Masterise Homes District 9 View Song Ho

New standard of living of a valuable real estate

Nowadays, the standard of an apartment or a luxury real estate, besides the prime location, home buyers also want to live in an apartment must ensure basic criteria such as sustainability of the construction, Unique and strange in design and most importantly, it must bring spiritual values ​​to the owner. The apartment must have spiritual value and be the pride of each owner.

In order to meet the increasingly strict criteria for choosing a place to live, the project investor not only prepares well in terms of financial capacity, thoroughly understands the needs of customers and the market, but also shows a vision when choosing a place to live. choose a companion partner, thereby accompanying the development of the project to make a difference, really classy.

Masterise Homes' international vision and distinct advantage

Do not stop with projects that have resonated in the Ho Chi Minh market before such as Masteri An Phu, Masteri Thao Dien, Millennium... Masterise Homes builds a new international vision: providing buyers with quality housing. Quality works with exquisite living experience, creating a civilized community on a world-class level. Masterise Homes' mission is to be market-oriented, each project born is of international class, creating a new symbol of luxury for the city, and a pride for the owner.

In addition to building an experienced development team from around the world such as the UK, Australia, Spain, or Dubai, Masterise Homes seeks to resonate with valuable international resources in a variety of locations. field of design, engineering and project management with the most prestigious partners in the world. Sharing the same values, on par in terms of class, Masterise Homes is currently standing in the same yard” with names like Tange Associate – the apartment exterior designer from Japan, Atkins – the design consultancy group. Global construction design, LandSculptor - Thailand's landscape design unit or HBA - Interior design unit for 5-star hotels.

Mr. Youssef Akila has more than 20 years of experience working on large-scale international projects and has participated in world famous design projects such as Trump building, Paramount, Versace, Fendi, and Entisar 120 tower. floor (7th tallest tower in the world) in Dubai, currently the Design Director of Masterise Homes shared: “At Masterise Homes, we apply the same processes, set standards and design methods. like any high-end real estate product in the world. The company is very serious and has full potential to really bring international standards to its projects in Vietnam. When designing any project, we always put ourselves in the position of the home buyer to understand them. We breathe life into the project in a harmonious way, both meeting the utility and creating a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, the project elevates the lifestyle for residents, they not only own a house, but a home with their own living values.”

Applying international standards to upcoming projects

The Masteri Center Point project located in the heart of District 9 developed by this unit is designed in a "futuristic" style, using the language of the future. "Shaking hands" with landscape development partner Landsculptor, Masteri Center Point is arranged 70% of the area for green space with green design, creating a sense of relaxation for those who live and experience. At Masteri Center Point, the boundary between architecture and landscape is blurred, people find relaxation and have a resort life at home. Creating a quality living environment, aiming for sustainable values ​​according to international standards. Masteri Center Point was developed into an isolated, self-contained compound with a separate culture creating a modern and classy lifestyle, meeting the needs of both international customers.

Masterise Homes – Elevating international standard living values into Vietnamese real estate

Masterise Homes – Elevating international standard living values into Vietnamese real estate

At Masterise Homes, each design is focused to combine high-class living space.

“Real estate units are now focusing more on social responsibility, through sustainable technology that helps to reduce the impact of the environment, while helping to save energy most effectively”, said Andrea Jang, Head of Americas Growth group, JLL Spark, said.

In addition to Masteri Center Point, Masterise Homes is also planning to launch many high-end projects in both Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi markets, promising to create a big buzz for the market and change the face of urban real estate. Vietnam.


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