10 reasons to buy investment Grand Marina Saigon to increase lasting value over time

10 advantages help the luxury apartment complex Grand Marina Saigon increase its lasting value over time that few projects in Vietnam have. The following basic article will help customers near and far who have been and are about to buy and invest in the Grand Marina Bason project right at 2 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City ... have full facilities to own.

Grand Marina Bason

10 advantages for Grand Marina branded apartments

Location Grand Marina Saigon

1 – Central location in District 1

Grand Marina, Saigon is located in the central area - where real estate always tends to increase in price over time. The project also owns a golden riverside location, which can capture the entire view of the Saigon River landscape and the modern city center.

10 reasons to help customers buy Grand Marina Saigon to increase their lasting value over time..

2 – Metro Line 1

According to a study by Claudio A. Agostini and Gaston A Palmucci on the effects of Metro lines on house prices, for example, in Santiago, apartment prices increased from 4.2 to 7.9% when construction was announced. and increased by 3.1 - 5.5% when the station location is determined. It can be said that the Metro station is an extremely important factor that helps real estate in general and apartments in particular increase spectacularly.

grand marina

3 – The yacht side

The only yacht in District 1 - with a length of more than 850m, this will be the largest yacht in Saigon, this yacht will help reduce pressure on the project's road traffic infrastructure, as well as allowing residents to move by water.

Panorama of Grand Marina Saigon- Villa area 500 billion, luxury apartments 400 million: m2.

4 – Thu Thiem 2 Bridge named Ba Son Bridge

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is an important project not only in completing the city's transport system but also in promoting economic and social development. From the opening for sale to when Thu Thiem 2 bridge was put into operation, the project has witnessed a growth of 20-30% of the apartment value, with some apartments up to 40%.

Grand Marina Saigon - Bason . Campus

5 – Grand Marina campus

The pedestrian bridge perfectly simulates the shape of Saigon's life and recreates the shape of the old Ba Son shipyard. This place is fitted with more than 300 led screens, so that visitors near and far can admire the historical beauty at the Grand Marina Saigon project.

Grand Marina Saigon - Marriott International & Masterise Homes- Start building Branded Residence in Vietnam -compressed

6 – Brand guarantee

Long-standing Marriott brand guarantee: Managed and operated by a professional staff of Marriott International, residents can be assured of the quality and service of a 5-star hotel, helping the apartment to lasting value.


7 – The land of feng shui

Possessing the very good land of "clams and dragons" in feng shui, Grand Marina Saigon brings prosperity, fortune and luck to the owner in work and life.


8 – 60-storey Grade A shopping mall – The Sun Tower

The entire office tower cum Grade A shopping mall - The Sun Tower has a scale of 55 floors, 5 basements. When completed, this tower will be the symbol of the entire project, as well as a leading shopping destination, gathering famous brands.

Utilities Grand Marina Saigon 2

9 – Grand Marina Square

Redesigned to make Ba Son an international destination and the new square of Ho Chi Minh City, it is boldly filled with historical culture, national struggles and witnessed the formation of the former Gia Dinh province.

Grand Marina Saigon

10 – Pride of a Nation

When completed, these Grand Marina towers plus 5 towers on Vinhomes Golden River will form the world's largest riverside luxury real estate complex.

Contact Grand Marina via:

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 52 5454

Project website: Grand Marina

Grand Marina Model House Website: https://masterisesaigon.com/nha-mau-grand-marina-saigon/

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is the investor of Grand Marina Saigon?

    Being Masterise Homes – Member of Masterise Group

  • How is the location of Grand Marina Saigon evaluated?

    Grand Marina Saigon is located at 2 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This is the central location of the city, located right on the banks of the Saigon River and near major roads such as Dong Khoi Street, Le Duan Street, Ham Nghi Street... Thanks to this prime location, residents of Grand Marina Saigon can easily Easy to move to other areas in the city and access cultural facilities, entertainment, shopping, cuisine...


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