Branded Residence grows strongly in Vietnam

According to experts, the rapid increase in the number of rich people and their need to improve their quality of life will promote luxury products in urban areas.

Savills World Research’s in-depth report released on November 24 said that Vietnam and Mexico are leading the upper-upscale segment, which is also the segment that recorded the strongest growth globally. bridge.

CBRE’s recent report also recorded two projects with the highest selling prices in Vietnam up to the present time. A project located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City with an asking price from about 16,000 USD per m2. A project located in the center of Hanoi capital with an asking price from about 35,000 USD, equivalent to about one billion VND per square meter. Both projects have received much attention from domestic and international buyers with sales events in Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City. Even, all apartments of the project in Hanoi capital have been announced as successfully booked in the first and only opening sale in Vietnam.

These are two branded real estate projects developed by Masterise Homes, in cooperation with Marriott International and associated with major hotel brands such as Marriott, JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton. CBRE forecasts that another branded project will launch in 2022 in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, which is known to continue to be a cooperation product between Masterise Homes and Marriott International.


A luxury real estate project developed by Masterise Homes located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

According to CBRE’s assessment, the branded apartment projects being and about to be offered for sale in Vietnam have a unique location right in the city center with open views. These projects offer owners products of outstanding quality and design, curated by the world’s leading hotel management brand. These are the factors that are taken care of by the investor to meet the needs of daily relaxation after a stressful working time and ensure the health of the residents. This need is getting more and more attention, especially during the recent Covid-19 epidemic. In addition, luxury real estate in urban areas is also a place to connect elites with high value and sustainable growth over time.

In the newly released report, Savills said, Savills estimates, the global supply of luxury real estate is 580 projects and this number is forecast to continue to nearly double by 2026 with 900 projects. .

According to this unit, the location of the project is a prerequisite factor affecting the value and price difference of luxury real estate. Savills research shows that the average price differential between branded and non-branded properties is 29%. For emerging markets, the figure is 44%. Meanwhile, new areas with fewer luxury real estate projects recorded double the price difference between the two types of properties.

Matthew Powell, Director of Savills Hanoi, said that from an investment perspective, these factors contribute to bringing outstanding advantages to the luxury real estate market, helping to attract buyers and increase competition. on the market. Besides, the value of branded real estate is also positioned by service quality standards associated with brand reputation. According to Mr. Matthew, a branded real estate project will come with quality management and professional operation to ensure the value and positioning of the product.

“Big brands give buyers a certain peace of mind in terms of design and quality of management, so in the coming time these big brands will be known more, the market will have a reaction. positive for this type of product”, said Mr. Matthew Powell, Director of Savills Hanoi.

Also according to Savills, luxury brands are increasingly proving attractive to the elite, as a demonstration of success. This is also what Masterise Homes shares about the reasons for investing in real estate.

According to Mr. Gibran Bukhari, Sales Manager, Masterise Homes, research from this company shows that Vietnamese customers, especially those who have had the opportunity to experience living and traveling abroad, are asking questions. more demanding and sophisticated with domestic real estate.

Branded real estate grows strongly in Vietnam

Mr. Gibran Bukhari, Sales Manager, Masterise Homes.

“Moreover, this group of customers also want the house to be a symbol of status and success, having a sustainable value against all events, far beyond ordinary luxuries such as handbags or supercars,” he said. Gibran Bukhari commented.

According to CBRE’s assessment, the rapid growth of the rich group in Vietnam and the need to improve the quality of life in the future will contribute to the activation of branded products in urban areas, especially urban projects. The project is located near the subway system. Branded real estate projects in urban areas will meet particularly strict requirements and standards for residents.

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